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Nathaniel Hampton Parker

I am looking for information on Nathaniel H. Parker's parents, Joseph and Lydia Parker.  The only information I have is Joseph Parker was born about 1770 in North Carolina and Lydia ? was born about 1800 in North Carolina.  Their first child was Nathaniel, born about 1815 in TN.  The other children were born in MO.  Joseph lived to be 90 and died in MO.  Nathaniel married Elizabeth Johns, daughter of John Johns in MO.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Desperately searching for over 30 years....

I truly believe it was divine intervention that allowed this site to come up in my search today.  I've googled at least 1000 times and either it never appeared or I missed it somehow...at any rate, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be here, and prayerful to find the answers I've been searching for, for over 30 years.My grandmother was Della "Jack" Parker.  She was full of life.  My granddaddy, Kermit Cagle, always said about my grandmother when she was on the warpath "sometimes you just gotta…

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James D. Parker in Mississippi about 1870 to 1880

My ggf was James Parker who was born around 1860 [just a guess] and who, with his older sister Charity, was living in Winston County, Mississippi in 1875. On August 12, 1875 he married Pheba Jones. Both were minors and Charity, his sister, gave her approval in writing to the court to permit the marriage. Pheba's mother Rebecca Jones [not sure if her  maiden name was Jones or if she had married a Jones before her marriage to David Scott] gave her approval for Pheba to marry. I believe they were…

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Kentucky Parkers

Hello everyone, my great-grandparents were Joesph Parker and Alice Wombles of Leslie county KY. I have come to a road block when trying to find the Parker ancestry. Grandpa Joe was born in Clay co. KY, his father was Franklin Parker and mother was Minerva Napier, Franklin's father Joseph Parker, born 1815 in Knox county Kentucky according to census records. I can not figure out who his father is. If anyone can help me with this, it would greatly appreciated.

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Giles Parker (1450-1525)

I am wondering if anyone could help me find out who the real parents of Giles Parker who married Elizabeth DeGotham and was the father of Thomas Parker, the husband of Elizabeth Frye. I have seen several different directions with this: Some places show him to be the son of Richard Parker and Elizabeth Frye, other places that show Thomas Parker and Elizabeth Frye to be his parents, and still another place that shows his parents to be Edmund Parker and a woman named Agnes. Elizabeth Frye is…

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West Central Wisconsin Parkers

Hi Cousins,

I am looking to validate the info I have, and to further my exploration of my Mothers side of our Family. Her name was Marjorie Marcella Parker married to my father Frank Corneilius Matzke. She was born Jan. 4th 1927 and died Dec. 25th 1995. I have a deceased brother who died at birth, Frances C Matzke B. 1947.

Her father, my Gr #1 was Ted Lee Parker married to Elvah Ellen…

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Bennie Frank Parker

I am looking for the family of my grandfather, Benny F. Parker who died in the Vietnam War.  He was born on June 2nd 1940 and died on January 30th 1966.  He Married my grandmother, Monica on June 20th and had my mother, Patricia Parker Gillespie.  He…
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Hello again,

As I continue to search the Parker's that are connected to Sarah Hudson, daughter of 1 st Peter Hudson, and her husband Edward Parker of Halifax Co. Va  They were married ca 1740's.probably in Henrico Co. Va the land then fell into Lunenburg Co, and then Halifax as of 1752. My Peter Hudson also had land in Charlotte Co. Va. So was prosperous family.

This is the finding. Edward Parker Jr, born Edward Parker the Jr. born ca 1740's and married a Susannah Sharp…

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I'm trying to trace my family in a sort of backwards manner. I do not know anything about my fathers family. I have oil royalties from the Parker family and have to start there and more forward down the tree. Any one with any information they could share would be greatly appreciated. I would assume there are others of us who still have Oil rights from the Parker Family and that would be the best way to start my search if I could Identify those existing…

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Hi Cousins,I am looking to validate the info I have, and to further my exploration of my Mothers side of our Family. Her name was Marjorie Marcella Parker married to my father Frank Corneilius Matzke. She was born Jan. 4th 1927 and died Dec. 25th 19…
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Edgefield, SC the highway to the south that many of our Parkers traveled thru. A part of the Old 96th District. I was 16 miles away but found their Heritage Discovery Center closed on Sunday.
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Mary Ellen Parker and husband James Calhoun Helton.  Mary is the daughter of Nathaniel Hampton Parker.