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Long Lost Parker!

I hope this finds you well. I am James Parker. Direct descendant of the Parkers of Ashe County, North Carolina. For the past four years, I have been stuck at my fifth-great-grandfather, Jesse Parker (1805 NC- 1871 Ashe County, NC). He lived on in North Fork which is located in the Creston area of Ashe; directly next to Mountain City, TN. I have my ancestors accounted for from Jesse downward. Alas, I have not found Jesse's parents. Family tradition states that his father was a man named Nathan (or William) Parker, born in England, and settled in Guilford County, NC sometime after the Revolutionary War. (sigh) I have found no evidence for Nathan or William Parker. I hope that someone on this site may have information regarding the Parkers of Ashe County and our origins before Ashe. My Parker family became rather small and now consists of many, unknown, cousins, but no other Parker relatives other than my immediate family. Through FTDNA, I belong to Parker FG#7.

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Parker’s of Accomack

I am reposting this here as I see it has the most recent entries. 

Hi all, I’m not sure where to get started. I am the granddaughter of Marguerite Virginia Parker (married Franklyn E Dailey Jr). I have traced my ancestors as following:

George Parker (born 1520)
John Parker
John Parker Jr.
John Parker III
William H Parker
Michael Parker
Joseph Crockett Parker
Joseph Ambrose Vincent Parker
Ambrose Dominic Parker
Daughter Marguerite Virginia Parker (my grandmother)

I’ve done this using public records and the website for descendants of George Parker (

I’ve not done DNA testing but could easily trace back using the available info. What are next steps for delving further into heritage?

I’m particularly interested in seeing if there are other Genevieve’s in the extended network. The first Genevieve I could find in my lineage is Genevieve A. Parker, daughter of William GW Parker married to James E. Allen, Jr. of Virginia Beach, VA. I am interested in knowing how a French name came into the Parker line and if there are any other Genevieve’s out there. I am named after Genevieve Hawkins Parker Knoll, my grandmother’s cousin, as well as my grandmother’s sister Genevieve Francis Parker who also did not have children.

Also, did any other Parkers end up in NY? None of my grandmother’s siblings had grandchildren so the last opportunity for any closely related Parker cousins would come from the grandchildren of Joseph Ambrose Parker (1841-1910) or further back.

I will poke around here, but any guidance would be very helpful.

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Christianna Mills Saecker (Me)

Penny Louise Howell (Mother)

Joseph Jarvis Howell (Grandfather) 1929-2001, Suffolk, VA

Sallie Maie Parker (Great Grandmother) 1902-1987, Born in Gates County, NC. Died in Suffolk, VA

Lillie Mae Harrell (2G GM) 1882-1973 Gates County, NC

Richard Bruce Harrell (3G GF) 1852-1929 Gates County, NC

Noah Blount Harrell (4G GF) 1823-1890 Gates County, NC

William Henry Harrell Jr. (5G GF) 1806-1886 Gates County, North Carolina and Kemper County, Mississippi

Elizabeth Felton (6G GM) 1789-1839 Gates County, North Carolina

Jane Riddick (7G GM) 1767-1834 Gates County, North Carolina

Ruth Parker (8G GM) 1747-1815 Gates County, North Carolina and Nansemond County, VA

Daniel Parker (9G GF) 1700-1781 Gates County, North Carolina and Nansemond County, VA

Richard Parker III (10G GF) 1676-1751 Chowan County, North Carolina and Nansemond County, VA

Richard Parker II (11G GF) 1645-1698 Nansemond County, VA

Richard Parker I (12G GF) 1625-1681 Nansemond County, VA

William Parker (13G GF) 1604-1654 England and Nansemond County, Va


John G Parker

Christianna Mills Saecker (Me)

Penny Louise Howell (Mother)

Joseph Jarvis Howell (Grandfather) 1929-2001, Suffolk, VA

Sallie Maie Parker (Great Grandmother) 1902-1987, Born in Gates County, NC. Died in Suffolk, VA

Lillie Mae Harrell (2G GM) 1882-1973 Gates County, NC

Texie Anna Crawford (3G GM) 1858-1940 Gates County, NC and Norfolk, VA

Elizabeth Sparkman (4G GM) 1825-1992 Gates County, NC

Nancy Parker (5G GM) 1805-1843 Gates County, NC

John G Parker (6G GF) Born?-circa 1818 Gates County, NC


Bray Parker

Christianna Mills Saecker (Me)

Penny Louise Howell (Mother)

Joseph Jarvis Howell (Grandfather) 1929-2001, Suffolk, VA

Sallie Maie Parker (Great Grandmother) 1902-1987, Born in Gates County, NC. Died in Suffolk, VA

Elisha Thomas Parker (2G GF) 1879-1960 Gates County, NC

Thomas Parker (3G GF) 1846-1921 Gates County, NC

Elisha Parker (4G GF) 1809-1881 Gates County, NC

Bray Parker (5G GF) 1784-1860 North Carolina


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My wife and I own a house and farm on an old section of the Staunton River now Leesville Resovoir in Pittsville, Pittsylvania County Virginia. I have been doing research on the age of our home and history of the property. I have found paperwork a map left by the previous owners The Johnson family that identifies the house as the Old Parker Place. The Johnsons owned the neighboring property and small cabin next door for many years and are listed as having worked with or for the Parkers on their farm from census records I have viewed. I am interested in the history of our home and property, there is an old barn and a much older small cabin on the property that still stands and appears to me to be 200 plus years old. I am interested in any information that might help my research of the property and families that pioneered the area or possibly lived in the home. Our home and property is just a mile or so away from the Old Parker Cemetery Ruins at Parkers Landing that shows up on Google and Apple Maps of the area. I feel the old very small cabin on our property may possibly be an original pioneer dwelling  from the 1700's and if so would want to do my part in preserving it for future reference of the early pioneers in Virginia. Early Parker pioneers of the area before 1800 that I have found in Pittsylvania on or near the Staunton River are John Parker of the Staunton River, William Parker of "OWC" Old Womens Creek and William Parker of the Piggs River. Bedford County is directly across the river from our property, I've seen several items that mention the Parker's previously living in Bedford before moving across the river into Pittsylvania. Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated.


Mark Mckeehan

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Hello all! Could anyone help with information about early Parker immigrants found in Middlesex, Massachusetts?

I have found a group of DNA matches to my dad's sample over on Ancestry that have all listed the common ancestor John Parker (1591-1622 in Middlesex, Massachusetts) with wife Joanne Drake (1590-1624 in Hartford, Connecticut). This family is found in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, at one point… and spreads out to other locations from there. These DNA matches are unique in that many of them are attached to full trees that contain no other shared surnames with mine (unusual given that we are all found early in Middlesex, Massachusetts).

Many of those trees list the children of this John Parker and wife Joanne as Thomas (b. 1609), Abraham (b. 1612), William (b. 1614), John (b. 1615), Capt. James (b. 1617), Mary Ann (b. 1620), Joseph (b. 1622), Anne (b. 1623), Jacob (b. 1625), and Joshua (b. 1630).  I have not documented this information yet, but merely extracted it from the trees of the DNA matches as a "first step" in investigation. Is there by chance an identified group in the Parker DNA project that includes this immigrant? Or perhaps a recommended and reliable published genealogy for this family?

I am also wondering if there is a group over on the Parker DNA Project for a different John and Joanna... John Parker (1615-1686) and wife Joanna unk (1623-1688) found in Newton, Massachusetts. This John Parker sailed from England to the American Colony in 1636, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts. He settled first in Hingham, Massachusetts. By 1646, he was in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he married Joanna. In 1650, he removed with his family to Newton, Massachusetts, where he was counted among the founders of the settlement. Their children are usually listed as Mary (b. 1647), Martha (b. 1649), John (b. 1651), Jeremiah (twin - b. 1653), Joanna (twin - b. 1653), Thomas (b. 1657), Sarah (b. 1659), Isaac (b. 1662), Jonathan (b. 1665), and Lydia (b. 1667). Or, if there is no DNA group for him in the project, is there a recommended and reliable published genealogy for this family?

Thanks for any assistance or information you can offer!

Evey :-)

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Park/Parker Family Connections

Hello, if this is posted in the wrong location, please let me know. :-)

I joined this group because my dad's DNA sample on FamilyTree DNA has many more matches carrying the surname Parker rather than Park. In documenting our genealogy, I have not come across anyone in our line using the spelling Parker... but I have found Parke, Park, and Parks. Dad was an early participant in the Parke Society's DNA project, and his sample was positively identified as a descendant of immigrant ancestor Richard Park (1602 England - 1665 Newton, MA), who arrived aboard the 'Defence' in 1635. Dad's sample was a 67 marker match to a very well-documented descendant of Richard (that was the max they were including at the time the project started). Since then, very few people have matched dad's sample, even at the 25 marker level... and of those, the majority of them have carried the surname Parker rather than Park/e/s. As Richard's parentage and birth information has never been documented, and as he lived in a community that also included a Parker family, I am left to wonder if perhaps he shortened his surname to avoid confusion... or perhaps he had a reason to change his surname when immigrating. Family lore was that he was Scottish, but he sailed from London with Thomas Shepard's company. 

John Parker (1615 England - 1686 Newton, MA) was also a member of Thomas Shepard's company, and some of his descendants are later found in the same Kentucky communities as my ancestors in the late 1700's and early 1800's. It appears that the families did travel together. However, I do not see his name listed on the Parker DNA project chart over on FamilyTreeDNA... so I cannot determine if there is a relationship or not. Ours is listed there, in FG64 (a group of only two). I am assuming that the other Parker matches that appear on FamilyTreeDNA have not joined the Parker Project yet. 

At this point, I'm a little lost about how to proceed. While we do have Park matches to Richard Park (1602 England-1665 MA) and Rowland Park (1806 NY-1887 KS), the best Y-DNA matches are to men with Parker fathers. One match documents back to Samuel Parker (1820 Nottingham, England-1898 Ontario, Canada) another documents back to James Parker (b. 1860 Carlisle, England). One match claims to go back to Richard Parker (1630 Cornwall, England-1681 Parker Creek, VA)... but his sample does not match the other person who claims the same lineage on the Parker DNA project... so someone is off there. We also have 10 more matches that list the Parker surname, but that have not included information regarding their ancestors. 

My own documented line is as follows:

Father, Donald E. Park -

Grandfather, Albert Lawrence Park -

Great Grandfather, Francis Edward Park -

2nd Great Grandfather, Francis Marion Park -

3rd Great Grandfather, Henry Thomas Park -

4th Great Grandfather, Elza D. Park -

5th Great Grandfather, believed to be John Park who married Nancy Darnall in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on 15 Oct 1798... but no documentation found to date. 

Any advice regarding how I could/should proceed in attempting to break down this brick wall would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Evey :-) 

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All, I am new to conducting geneology research.  I will show you what I have so far and ask for your additions or corrections:


John Henry Parker Sr. 1699 or 1700-1761 m Mary Dew Stone 1697 or 1699-1770
Birth – Nansemond, VA British Colonial America Death – Edgecombe, NC
  Gabriel – 1719-1789
  John Parker II – 1725-1806
  Sarah – 1726-1780
  Elizabeth – 1729-1761
  Thomas – 1733-1809
  Margaret – 1735-1761
  William Solomon – 1740-1818
  Aaron Parker Sr. – 1758-1831 Gabriel's father was John H. Parker born about 1692/1700. John H. Parker married Mary Stone who was born abt. 1699 Nansemond co. Va.Their issue:
Gabriel b. abt 1719;John H. b.abt. 1721; Aaron b.abt. 1724;Sarah b.abt. 1726;Margaret b.abt. 1729; and Elisabeth b.abt. 1733.


Gabriel Parker 1719-1789 m Famoriah Fanny Odom 1720-abt 1753 (m 1737)
Birth – 1719 Chowan County, NC Death – 1789 Johnston, NC Hubbard's father:Gabriel Parker born abt. 1719. He married Selah and then Famoriah. His issue by Famoriah:
Matthew b. abt. 1741; Hubbard b.abt. 1741; Gabriel b. abt 1746; Burwell (Burrell) b.abt. 1749; Hardy b.abt 1751 and Famoriah b.abt 1753.
  Matthew – 1741-1801 Bertie, NC
  Hubbard – 1743-1843 Edgecombe, NC (died in Jackson County, Mississippi)
  Gabriel Parker Jr –1746-1829 Edgecombe, NC
  Burrell – 1749-1829
  Hardy Andrew – 1751-1789
  Burnell – 1761-1836
  Famoriah “Famy” 1765-1829

Gabriel Parker JR 1746-1829 m Faithey Wilkerson 1745 -1831 (m 1766 Chowan, NC)
May be another wife: Olive Moore
Birth – 1746 Edgecombe, NC Death – 12 June 1829 Twiggs, GA
  Rachell – 1763-1840 (d Dooly, GA)
  John William II – 1767-1843
  Gabriel JR – 1769-1834
  Wiley – 1808-deceased
  Cynthia – 1810-1847 (d Twiggs, GA)

John William Parker II 1767-1843 m Angelina Loftin 1769-1840 (m 1794 Surry, NC)
Birth – Chowan, NC Death – 22 Dec 1843 Woodington, Lenoir, NC
Burial - 23 Dec 1843, Dawson Family Cem., john Green Smith Road, Deep Run, Lenoir, North Carolina, USA
  Catherine – 1793-1840
  John – 1793-1840
  William – 1793-deceased
  Nancy Ward – 1793-1850
  Winnifred – 1795-1851
  Lettitie – 1797-deceased
  Zenas – 1798-deceased?
  Rachael – 1800-1895
  Catherine – 1802-deceased?
  Mary – 1804-1891
  Thomas – 1805-deceased
  John Parker Jr – 1806-deceased
  Julia – 1809-1868
  William – 1810-deceased
  Letitia Parker – 1812-deceased

Zenas Parker 1798-1843? m Mary (Polly) Davis 1800-1892
Birth - Woodington, ,Lenoir, NC Death – Albany, Doughtery, GA
  Mary Louisa Parker 1825-1894
  Nathan Zenas Parker 1827-1856
  John Gabriel Parker 1830-1875
  Nancy Ann Elizabeth Parker 1832 deceased
  Willian Loftin Parker 1834 deceased
  Zachariah Davis Parker 1836 deceased
  William Loftin Parker 1839-1911
  Wilson B. Parker 1844-1863

Willian Loftin Parker 1839-1916 m Julia Ann Tilghman 1840-1920
Birth – Sep 1839 Lee County GA Death 1916 (buried @ New Hope Baptist Cem, Ambrose, GA)
  Mary C Parker 1862-1957
  Joseph Zenith Parker 1865-1934
  Angelonia Parker 1868-1948
  Wilson B. Parker 1870-1884
  William A. Parker 1872-1907
  James Robert Parker 1875-1954
  Charles Hubbard Parker 1877-1957


Joseph Zenith Parker 1865-1934 m Sylvania Jowers 1878-1962
  Jimmy Parker 1894-1895
  Pearley Parker 1896-1964
  Roy Parker 1898-1923
  John Parker 1900-1900
  Tobe Claude Parker 1901-1972
  Edgar P. Parker 1903-1984
  Myrtie Parker 1905-1990
  Leon Bud Parker 1907-1994
  Leon Parker 1908-1908
  Litt Clinton Parker 1909-2007
  Ivery Lyne Parker 1911-1997
  Valera “Lera” Parker 1916-2011

Edgar P Parker 1903-1984 m Florence McIntyre 1920-2001
Zenith Lee Parker Sr b. May 26, 1942

Zenith Lee Parker Sr 1942- m Betty Carolyn Proctor 1946 (m 20 Dec 1965)
  Zenith “Lee” Parker Jr b. August 14, 1967
  Charles William Parker b. December 20, 1968

Zenith Lee Parker Jr 1967 m Amanda Pollyanna Lee 1966 (m 6 Aug 1988)

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Howdy, still working on my Parker family tree.

At present it stops with Hezekiah V. Parker and his spouse Mary Ann Smith of Rhea and Bledsoe Counties, Tennessee in the later 1820's & early 1830's. 

It has been suggested Hezekiah's father was one Phillip Parker and further suggested that Phillip is the son of Nathaniel Parker who moved to Tennessee from Virginia but I have been unable to find a son of Nathaniel named Phillip.  If anyone is aware of any Phillip Parker resident in Tennessee during the timeframe of 1790-1830, I would appreciate contact and any help progressing this further.

Thank you for your time and attention.  Wayne Powell

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Nash County, NC Parkers

My wife is a Parker and I'm trying to gather as much info as I can on her maternal side. Her Parker line seems to be pretty prominate in Nash Co. I have an Ancestry account but some of the names, dates etc. are confusing. Hoping someone here has done solid research on the line including; Parker, Batts, Bottoms surnames.

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Last month I just purchased my DNA Y700 kit which cost me close to $400.and have one more month for results.  I hope you won't consider shutting down this site as your email suggests could happen.


Fredrick A. Parker

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Samuel Parker

I appear to decend from Samuel Parker, Jr. born 1832.   One post on ancestry says he died in Indian Oklahoma.  If my Samuel was in Texas and was my ggrand father, how could I be a DNA match. Lucille Moss

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Looking for Parker's

Good morning,

I have been researching my husband's family line of Parkers. From what I know his 3 G grandfather was from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, his 2 G grandfather Lorenzo Dow Parker moved to Tennessee and started his family, then moved on to Old Tishomingo Mississippi where they stayed which is now Prentiss County Mississippi. Some of the names for his Parker family are Henry Clay Parker married Jane Caroline Moore, Henry Allen Parker, Nancy Parker, Leonidas Parker, William M Parker married Annie Reed. CW Parker possibly married an Eliza, Leander Parker married Elizabeth Betty Hodges. My husband has done the Ancestry DNA with not much luck for the Parker side. I would like to do what I'm guessing is the Y DNA to show the male line and see which Parker family he belongs to. Could anyone help me in the right direction, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jeannine Parker

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Parker YDNA Group #18 (WV, VA)


I'm looking for information for the Parker DNA Group #18.  I am doing family research and would like to fill in the gosh.

Particularly looking for marriage documentation for Solomon Parker (1778-1834) and Sarah Wright (1782-1859).  They lived in Hampshire County, WV at the time and it is thought that they married sometime between 1880 to 1804 in Allegheny, MD


Mary Parker

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Doing our Family Tree

Does anyone know and Information about 

Vera Gertrude Parker


BIRTH 27 SEP 1897  Tennessee

DEATH 12-5-1973  Cottle County, Texas, USA

 Married to 

Charlie Monroe


BIRTH ABT 1894  Texas

DEATH 1973  Cottle, Texas

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I'm trying to research my father's side of the family.   He was born in Fayettville, North Carolina in 1942. His mother was Sally Parker and she met and married Joseph Augustus Sylvester and raised their family in New York.  Sally Parker had a sister Mimi Virginia Parker who was called Ginger.  I believe Sally Parker's mother was named Sally Williams. 

If anyone has information, I would love to hear from you.   Thanks

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My husband is a Parker and am doing research on his family.  He has very strong roots in Oregon, but any information prior to the family migrating there is where I am getting stuck.  Am not able to find any information on the following relative or any family members prior.  I see that he was in Kentucky, but as I understand records were lost in the War of 1812.  If anyone has insight into this relative and those prior to him, I would be very appreciative if you would share your information with me.  Thanks in advance.


John Parker

Birth: About 1795 in Kentucky

Death: 19 April 1869 in Brown County, Ohio


Spouse: Anna Cara "Amy" Evans

Birth: About 1800 in Brown County, Ohio

Death: 30 January 1862 in Brown County, Ohio



  • Daniel E. Parker (1823-1862)
  • John Parker Jr. (1826-1894)
  • Elizabeth J. Parker (1827-1896)
  • James Newton Parker (1831-1881)
  • James Madison Parker (1833-1908)
  • Nelson B. Parker (1836-1913)
  • Sarah Belle Parker (1842-1919)
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Tennessee Parkers

I'm looking for information about my Great-Great Grandmother's family. Her name was Elizabeth Arlene Parker. As far as I know, she was born in Marshall County, Tennessee in 1835-6 and died in Lawrence County, Tennessee in April of 1926. Her tombstone says her first name is Phoene, and she has also been named as Felie or Fetie. She was married to Andrew Johnson. I don't know how many children they had, but two of their children are Emma Zoraline Johnson Dotson (my great grandmother) and Dave Johnson. I believe she may have lived in Giles, Union, and Knox Counties in Tennessee and may have lived in Missouri at one time as well. I have just begun to research my family history, and I have hit a dead end on this side of my family. Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated!

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I just posted their marriage cert and Aaron Parker name was on the marriage cert.   How is Margaret "Peggy" Parker related to Aaron Parker, brother/father/uncle??  I also posted court docs and other information on this site so go check it out on Aaron Parker.   Margaret became a widow sometime and moved to Jackson County TN, where she lived by Benjamin Flatt, along with her children.  Somewhere along the travels, John Flatt Jr died.........still under investigation.  I found land records for Aaron Parker in 1830's in Bradley Co, TN.  (if this is the same Aaron Parker).


Anyone have info???????????? Stuck.

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