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Hi all, I’m not sure where to get started. I am the granddaughter of Marguerite Virginia Parker (married Franklyn E Dailey Jr). I have traced my ancestors as following:

George Parker (born 1520)
John Parker
John Parker Jr.
John Parker III
William H Parker
Michael Parker
Joseph Crockett Parker
Joseph Ambrose Vincent Parker
Ambrose Dominic Parker
Daughter Marguerite Virginia Parker (my grandmother)

I’ve done this using public records and the website for descendants of George Parker (

I’ve not done DNA testing but could easily trace back using the available info. What are next steps for delving further into heritage?

I’m particularly interested in seeing if there are other Genevieve’s in the extended network. The first Genevieve I could find in my lineage is Genevieve A. Parker, daughter of William GW Parker married to James E. Allen, Jr. of Virginia Beach, VA. I am interested in knowing how a French name came into the Parker line and if there are any other Genevieve’s out there. I am named after Genevieve Hawkins Parker Knoll, my grandmother’s cousin, as well as my grandmother’s sister Genevieve Francis Parker who also did not have children.

Also, did any other Parkers end up in NY? None of my grandmother’s siblings had grandchildren so the last opportunity for any closely related Parker cousins would come from the grandchildren of Joseph Ambrose Parker (1841-1910) or further back.

I will poke around here, but any guidance would be very helpful.

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  • Hello, I am one of many Michael Parker males in America. So one of your ancestors caught my eye!! One helpful thing would be to add dates, places, spouses, children, etc to the male names you have, give us some clues. Search your names with the search tab. If you can find a direct male from your line to test yDNA, that gives you the ability to focus on your particular genetic line, especially if you cannot find a relative already on the Famiily
    Tree DNA site. We have a large number of separate proven yDNA families so it does get confusing without than information. Ask any questions. Mike
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