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My wife and I own a house and farm on an old section of the Staunton River now Leesville Resovoir in Pittsville, Pittsylvania County Virginia. I have been doing research on the age of our home and history of the property. I have found paperwork a map left by the previous owners The Johnson family that identifies the house as the Old Parker Place. The Johnsons owned the neighboring property and small cabin next door for many years and are listed as having worked with or for the Parkers on their farm from census records I have viewed. I am interested in the history of our home and property, there is an old barn and a much older small cabin on the property that still stands and appears to me to be 200 plus years old. I am interested in any information that might help my research of the property and families that pioneered the area or possibly lived in the home. Our home and property is just a mile or so away from the Old Parker Cemetery Ruins at Parkers Landing that shows up on Google and Apple Maps of the area. I feel the old very small cabin on our property may possibly be an original pioneer dwelling  from the 1700's and if so would want to do my part in preserving it for future reference of the early pioneers in Virginia. Early Parker pioneers of the area before 1800 that I have found in Pittsylvania on or near the Staunton River are John Parker of the Staunton River, William Parker of "OWC" Old Womens Creek and William Parker of the Piggs River. Bedford County is directly across the river from our property, I've seen several items that mention the Parker's previously living in Bedford before moving across the river into Pittsylvania. Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated.


Mark Mckeehan

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