P401 was added to this group in October 2013. His oldest ancestor is Richard PARKER (Major in Revolutionary War) born about 1728 in Orange Co, NC, died 1799 in Greene County, GA. He married Ann HOGAN. This line migrated to Georgia, then Bexar, Rust, and Liberty Counties Texas.

P402 was added to this group in December 2013. He descends from Daniel PARKER, born 1756

P422 was added to this group in August 2014. He descends from Elvington H. PARKER, born 1810 in Georgia, and died after March 1863, location unknown. Last record is found inMarengo County, Alabama. He married Thomason Elizabeth "Lizzie" PERKIS

http://www.nclandgrants.com/q/?sbj=Parker%2C%20Richard&cyid=73&cy1=on&cy2= on&xs=1

Searching Orange County

. . plus bordering counties: Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Durham, Person

. . plus 2 counties over: Granville, Guilford, Lee, Moore, Randolph, Rockingham, Wake where Subject is "Parker, Richard"


Showing results 1 - 6


Name County Entered Issued Acres Location File # Images ...

Richard Parker Chatham 1778 1780 640 On the Lick Branch the waters of Newhope 424 Patent

Richard Parker Orange 1763 700 Bush & Pokeberry creek 84 PatDoc

Richard Parker Orange 1755 300 Both sides New Hope creek 92 PatDoc

Richard Parker Orange 1754 148 E. side New Hope Creek 110 PatDoc

Richard Parker Orange 1761 345 Pokeberry creek 111 PatDoc



PARKER, Booker, Hatley

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Posted: 10 Mar 1998 06:00AM

Classification: Query

Seeking the father of Richard PARKER who was in Orange County as early as 1753. Is listed in "Orange County Court

of Pleas and Quarterly Sessions" as a 'Justice'. And in 1766, "Richard Parker, Esq. presents his commission as Captain of Foot in the Regiment of Orange". He bought land

"on Waters of New Hope", which, later was located in Chatham. Several deeds names wife, Ann. In 1771 a deed of sale was witnessed by James Turner,LEWIS PARKER and JOHN BOOKER. Lewis believed to be son of Richard. Lewis's wife believed to be Sarah HATLEY.

Betty Kirkland (View posts)

Posted: 14 Jul 2001 02:35PM



Seeking information on RICHARD PARKER who was in Orange Co.

by 1752/60. His wife was Ann -? Believed to be HOGAN.

Who was his father? Also researching LEWIS PARKER,believed to be son of above Richard. Lewis was listed 1790 Orange Co. census with four sons under 16, 2 females. Wife believed to be Sarah Hatley





Please remember these are abstracted deeds, not "exact" extraction's.

Also, I have not included every deed. Just the ones with grantor, & grantee with the same surnames or deeds with relationships stated or implied within the text.


DEED BOOK B - 1775-1783

pg. 303, Oct. 13, 1784

RICHARD PARKER and ANN, his wife of Chatham Co., N.C. to JOHN HOGAN of ORANGE DO., N.C, for 100 pds, 120 acres on both sides of New hope. part of a

tract granted to RICHARD PARKER by Earl of Granville, dated 14 May, 1755.



PARKER - JONES - Deed Bk. C - 1783-1786

pg. 422, Mar. 6, 1784

RICHARD PARKER, SR. sells to TINGNALL JONES SR. , for 500 pds, hard specie, 700 acres..land joins JAMES COLLINS, it being part of three different surveys of land, one by JAMES COLLINS, the other by sd PARKER, including the plantation where the sd RICHARD PARKER SR., now lives.




TINGNALL JONES JR. (I have seen this name as Tignall)



HOGAN - VESTAL - Deed Bk. C - 1783-1786

pg. 422 - MAY 12, 1785

DANIEL HOGAN sells to DAVID VESTAL, for 5 pds., 142 acres on the waters of Rockey River, joining JAMES VESTAL'S land, it being a tract granted to the sd DANIEL HOGAN, under the hand of Alex. Martin, dated Nov. 1, 1784.






HATLY - KIRKSY - Deed Bk. C - 1783-1786

pg. 444, Aug. 27, 1784

WILLIAM HATLY and MARY, his wife sell to CHRISTOPHER KIRKSY, for 10 pds, 15 acres, the land he now lives on, on the N. Side of Redy Fork and joining CHRISTOPHER KIRKSY'S own line and RICHARD PARKER.







PARKER - Deed Bk. C - 1783-1786


pg. 3, Aug. 38 1783

RICHARD PARKER to LEWIS PARKER, for 400 pds in Gold and Silver, 640 acres on the Lick Branch, the waters of Newhope River, joins a line formerly of ROBERT HINES, JOHNSTONS line and THOMAS BELL.







pg. 309, Oct. 12, 1784

WILLIAM GRIFFIN to HEZEKIAH LASSETER for 150 pds, 300 acres on Polk Berry creek, joining RICHARD PARKER, a tract of land the said WILLIAM GRIFFIN

bought from STEPHEN PARKER.







Re: Parker, Foster, Flowers, Mcgraw, Rusk County Texas 1850's

Posted by: Lincoln L. McMillen (ID *****3029)

Date: August 22, 2009 at 16:07:42

In Reply to: Re: Parker, Foster, Flowers, Mcgraw, Rusk County Texas 1850's by Patricia Ross Parker for FG#7

of 26360


No we haven't done any DNA test.

Our line goes back to the following:Richard Parker b. abt. 1718 in Orange Co., North Carolina married Ann Hogan children: Elizabeth Parker, Lewis Sr. Parker, Richard T. Parker, Daniel E. Parker and Stephen Parker. Stephen Parker b. 1759 d. March 17, 1788 married Ann Brewer Children: Emanual Parker bet. 1781-1783 in North Carolina, Aaron Parker abt. 1776 in Greene Co. Georgia, David Parker Abt. 1778 in Greene Co. Ga., James B. Parker b. Feb. 19, 1808 in Greene Co., Ga., Austin Parker b. Abt. 1803 in Greene Co., Ga. Nancy Parker born in Greene Co., Ga., Isaiah Parker b. in Greene Co., Ga. and Lewis Parker b. abt. 1800 in Washington, Ga..

Emanuel Parker b. Bet. 1781-1782 in North Carolina d. November 9, 1851 in Greene Co., Ga. married Mary Ann (Polly) Astin b. 1792 in Virginia, d. 1873 in Rusk County, Texas children: Nancy Jane Parker b. Apr. 29, 1808 in Greene Co., Ga., Wiley Astin Parker b. Sept. 17, 1810 in Greene Co., Ga. , Robert Foster Parker b. Oct. 21, 1812 in Greene Co., Ga. , Susan Jane Parker b. May 2, 1819 in Rusk Co., Texas, Sarah Parker b. 1821 in Rusk Co., Tx., James Franklin Parker b. Jan. 6, 1828 in Rusk Co., Tx., Mary Mapp Parker b. Abt. 1829 in Rusk Co., Tx., William E. Parer b. July 11, 1834 in Rusk County, Texas, Sidney Frances Parker, b. October 1824 in Rusk Co, Tx.

James Franklin Parker b. Jan. 6, 1828 in Greene Co., Ga. d. Dec. 5, 1904 in Rusk Co., TX., married Sarah Jane Jackson b. Sept. 29, 1829 in Georgia, d. Apr. 23, 1905 in Rusk Co., Tx. Children: Francis Parker, James Foster Parker b. Feb. 18, 1850 in Greene Co, Ga., d. June 21, 1932 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas, Mary Elizabeth Parker b. Oct. 15, 1852 in Greene Co., Ga., d. Oct. 22, 1940 in Rusk Co., Tx., John Henry Thomas Parker b. Feb. 3, 1855 in Texas, Salinda F. H. Parker b. Sept. 27, 1859 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx., d. Mar. 20, 1942 in Rusk Co., Tx., Sidney Y. Franklin Parker, b. 1863 in Texas, Wiley Ada Vincent Paarker b. Aug. 6, 1866 in Minden, Rusk County, Texas, d. Aug. 8, 1933 in Arp, Smith Co., Tx., Charlie Henry Parker b. bet. 1869-1882 in Rusk Co., Tx. and d. bet. 1915-1920 in Texas, Sudie Frances Parker b. Oct. 25, 1882 in Pine Hill, Rusk Co., Texas, d. Feb. 10, 1959.

James Foster Parker b. Feb. 18, 1850 in Greene Co., Ga. d. Jun. 21, 1932 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx. married Amanda Adaline Little b. Mar. 1, 1852 in Tennessee, d. Jun. 27, 1947 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx. children: Lewis Franklin Parker b. Dec. 3, 1874 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx., d. May 22, 1961 in Daisetta, Liberty Co., Tx., Minnie Leticia Parker b. Jan. 24, 1876 in Rusk Co., Tx. and d. Jun 15, 1956, Thomas Tilden Parker b. Aug. 16, 1877 in Rusk Co., Tx. d. Oct. 20,1952 in Big Foot (near Victoria Tx.), Dena Eveway Parker b. Apr. 9, 1880 in Old Shiloh, Rusk Co., Tx., d. Feb2, 1920 in Shiloh Comm., Rusk Co., Tx., Robert Lunsford Parker b. Feb. 25, 1884 in Rusk Co., Tx, d. Sept. 22, 1899 in Rusk Co., Tx., Sarah Arrena Parker b. May 6, 1882 in Texas, Tarrance Smith Parker b. Feb. 25, 1884 in Rusk Co., Tx., d. Feb. 6, 1957 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx., Martha Anna Parker b. June 9, 1889 in Rusk Co., Tx. d. Oct. 22, 1972 in Hawaii, Bonnie Florence Parker, b. Dec. 21, 1892 in Minden, Rusk Co., Tx. d. Jul 25, 1951 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx., James Dennis Parker b. Dec. 21, 1892 in Minden, Rusk Co., Tx, d. Apr. 6, 1971 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx., George Lofton Parker b. May 27, 1895 in Texas, d. Jun 7, 1958 in St. Augustine, St. Johns Co., Florida (This is Suzy Parker movie star and Dorian Leigh's famous model,father) and Infant Charles Parker b. Dec. 23, 1896 and d. Jan. 8, 1897.

Lewis Franklin Parker b. Dec. 3, 1874 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx. d. May 22, 1961 in Daisetta, Liberty, Co., Tx., married Mowina Alice Hudson b. Oct. 10, 1879 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx. d. Oct. 12, 1969 in Liberty, Liberty Co., Tx.. Children: Lula Mae Parker b. Jun, 4, 1896 in Shiloh Comm. Rusk Co., Tx. d. Mar. 28, 1980 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx., Dennis Dawson Parker b. Aug. 9, 1897 in Shiloh Comm, Rusk Co., Tx. d. June 4. 1987 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx. (He owned and ran Parkers Pharmarcy for years in San Antonio, Tx.), Alice Louisa Parker b. Feb. 3, 1899 in Rusk Co., Tx. d. Apr. 10, 1991 in Tyler, Smith Co., Tx., Jennie Florence Parker b. Nov. 18, 1900 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx. d. Aug 25, 1924 in Rusk Co., Tx., Carrell Lewis Parker b. Oct. 25, 1902 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx., d. Sept. 20, 1904 in Rusk Co., Tx., George W. Truett Parker b. Aug. 3, 1905 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx. d. Feb. 28, 1973 in Liberty, Liberty Co., Tx.., Dena Pearl Parker (my mother) b. Jan. 29, 1908 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., Tx., d. Sept. 17, 2005 in Liberty, Liberty Co, Tx., and Jewell Franklin Parker b. Jul 13, 1913 in Stellson, Liberty, Liberty Co., Tx. d. Dec. 7, 1968 in Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Tx




PARKER 19 Mar 2002 Betty Kirkland betty@netpathway.com

Need information on Richard Parker. Chatham County Deed, dated Jan. 20, 1775, says: "...Richard Parker and Ann, his wife." Another dated 1784: "...to John Hogan of Orange County" 280 acres on both sides of New Hope. Part of a tract granted to Richard Parker 1755. Signed by Richard Parker and Ann Parker. Also need information on Lewis Parker, son of Richard, listed in 1790 census of Chatham County with 1 male adult, 4 males under 16 and 2 females. Was Lewis' wife Sarah Hatley? Richard believed to have been in Orange/Chatham as early as 1772. Belonged to Baptist Church. Will exchange information


PARKER, Booker, Hatley

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PARKER, Booker, Hatley

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Posted: 10 Mar 1998 5:00AM GMT

Classification: Query





The Chatham News – November 26, 1931 December, 1931, Marks 161st Anniversary of Chatham County Has Enjoyed Steady and Phenomenal Era of Progress Since Its Formation in December, 1770 Has Given to World Some of Its Leading and Most Successful Men and Women A Review of Chatham’s History From Formation Thru 1924 By Hon. Walter D. Siler, Pittsboro, N. C


For twenty years immediately preceding the organization of Chatham county, the territory now embraced within its boundaries was a part of Orange. Orange had been formed in the year 1751 from Bladen, Johnston and Granville, and as our county lies within the original domain of the latter, it may be properly termed a daughter of Orange and a granddaughter of Granville.

Among other provisions, provision was made for the nomination by the Inferior Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Chatham of eight freeholders at each term just preceding the Superior Court for the Hillsboro District to serve as Grand and Petit Jurors in that court, this county being in that district, and another for the employment of workmen to build a Court House, jail and stocks at some place to be selected by a committee or commission composed of Edmund Fanning, Mark Morgan, Richard Parker, Stephen Poe, and Richard Cheek.


To the Assembly, which met in January, 1773, Chatham again sent Isaac Brooks, and as his colleague sent William Grave. To the session of 1774, it elected Richard Parker, who had for some time been one of the Justices of the Court, and Captain Stephen Poe. The latter died before the convening of the Assembly.


During the period extending from its organization until its formal severance of relations with Great Britain, Chatham’s Justices were Richard Parker, Robert Rutherford, James Sellars, Francis Drake, Abner Hill, Jeduthan Harper, Joab Brooks, Isaiah Hogan, Matthew Drake, Mial Scurlock, Samuel Stewart, Alexander Clarke, John Thompson, and Balaam Thompson.



“November 5th (1792. )Viewed the Tignal Jones place, commonly called Parker’s, but no proposals were offered by the proprietors. However, Tignal Jones, Jr., and Robert Cobb offered a donation of 500 acres of land adjoining the place.”


Members of the General Assembly from Chatham Under the Colonial government, Chatham was represented in the legislative assembly by the following of her citizens, viz: 1770-1771 John Wilcox Isaac Brooks 1773 Isaac Brooks William Grave 1774 Stephen Poe Richard Parker


Seeking the father of Richard PARKER who was in Orange County as early as 1753. Is listed in "Orange County Court

of Pleas and Quarterly Sessions" as a 'Justice'. And in 1766, "Richard Parker, Esq. presents his commission as Captain of Foot in the Regiment of Orange". He bought land

"on Waters of New Hope", which, later was located in Chatham. Several deeds names wife, Ann. In 1771 a deed of sale was witnessed by James Turner,LEWIS PARKER and JOHN BOOKER. Lewis believed to be son of Richard. Lewis's wife believed to be Sarah HATLEY.




[999]-441 February Term 1766

North Carolina Orange County Ss: At an Inferior court of Pleas and Quarter Ses­sions begun and held for the County aforesaid at the Courthouse in Childsburg on the Second Tuesday in February being the 13th. Day of the said Month A. Dom. 1706 Pres­ent his Majesty's Justices

towit: John PRYOR, Tyrie HARRISS, David HART, Thomas HART, Richard SIMPSON, Richard PARKER, Robert LYTL, John LEA Esqrs.

Ordered that Richard PARKE, Robert ABERCROMBIE & Joseph BARBEE be Summoned to attend the next Superior Court as Grand Jurors And that John GRAVES, Epaphroditus GOULD & Nathaniel HARRIS Junr. be Summoned to serve as Petit Jurors.

Court Adjourned till Court Court (sic) in Course.

Nov., 1777 " The Grand Jury sworn in viz: Richard Parker, foreman, William

DILLARD, Benjamin Bohannon, William Malone, Deberry Chapman, Joseph Kirk, James

Petty, Richard Straughan, James Massey*, George Herndon, Joseph Avent, Edward

Edwards, John Brantley Jun'r, Ambrose George & Francis Sypart."


A Road to be laid out the best way beginning at Dixon Fuller’s Mill on Cain Creek and from thence to William Douglass Esq’r on Haw River and from thence to Frances Sypert on New Hope (Creek) and the following Jurors to lay out the same to Wit: Thomas Blaxton, John Pyle, Sen’r, John Pyle Jun’r, Vachel Clark Sen’r, Thomas Doan (Done), Jacob Fashatt, William Waits (Watts?), John Bolden, William Griffin, John Ferrenton, Oliver Brewer, Richard Cates, Richard Parker Sen’r, Joshua Rosser, John Oldham, Edward Edwards.




Request on: PARKER

Respond to:Betty Kirkland

Posted On:Tuesday, April 7, 1998 at 16:40


Seeking information on RICHARD PARKER who was in Orange County when it was created from Granville in 1752. Did he leave records there? Is he named in Probate Records? Deeds? Who were his parents? Will exchange information.


http://www.bauer.uh.edu/parks/genealogy/nash.htm#cp this site has some more info on this family.



Audrey Young send me (W.N.P.) the info below.



of Orange and Chatham Counties in North Carolina and Green County in Georgia

Another member of the Nansemond Parkers that needs more research is RICHARD PARKER

who left North Carolina and came into Georgia. In the Parker search many facts were gathered

about this man, but the search has not been completed. He is an outstanding Parker and should be

properly placed.

Jonathan(4) and Jonas(4) Parker, sons of Richard(3) Parker, went to Granville County. Their

brother, Francis Parker, has never been carefully traced. Some researchers have thought that he

was the Francis Parker who made a will dated 1791 and probated in Gates County, North

Carolina. That Francis Parker appears to be a younger man than Francis(4) Parker, son of

Richard(3) Parker. As has been stated before, the Nansemond Parkers were "land hungry" and

their love of the land makes them easier to trace. Francis(4) Parker, son of Richard(3) Parker, like

his brothers bought some land in Granville County.

William Bennett to Francis Parker, late of Chowan Co. N. C., 450 acres on both sides of a creek

of N. E. Prong of the Tar River in Granville Co. April 4, 1756 wit. Jonas Parker, Jno. Edwards,

Temperance Bodie

Since in the year 1756 there were few Parkers in Granville Co., and Jonas(4) Parker, son of

Ricahrd(3) Parker, had a brother Francis(4) Parker, who had been living in Chowan Co. and there

was no other Francis Parker in Granville, Jonas(4) Parker was most certainly witnessing a deed

for his brother Francis(4) Parker. Francis(4) Parker sold the land to Benjamin Wade on February

20, 1759 {159}. The same land is mentioned in a deed from William Taylor to Phillip Taylor for

"250 acres in Gran- ville Co., North Carolina, land on "Lick Branch" a prong of the Tar River.

This land was granted to William Bennett, April 20, 1745 and by him sold to Francis Parker and

by him to Benjamin Wade who sold to Wm. Taylor (160}

Jonas(4) Parker, son of Richard(3) Parker named sons Richard Parker and Stephen Parker.

Richard Parker of Orange County named sons Richard Parker, Stephen Parker, and Daniel

Parker, all names used by descendants of Richard(3) Parker. No records are available to the

author on the descendants of Stephen(4) Parker, son of Richard(3) Parker.

Orange County was created from Granville County in 1752. Major Richard Parker was in Orange

County owning land on "Lick Branch". Richard Parker of Orange County, North Carolina was

made a J. P. in March 1757 {161}, He proved the will of Wm. Milton in 1759, {162} had his

mark recorded in 1761 and in August {163} 1763 he "presents comm as Capt. of Foot in Regt. of

Orange County {164}. Again in 1764 he was made J. P. {165}. He and Patience Booker were

granted "Letter of Adm." on the est of Patience Booker, dec'd, about 1764 {166}. He made an

inventory of the estate of Patience Booker to the Court in 1764 {167}. In 1765 he, with two other

men, was to attend court at Halifax as Petit Jurors {168} and in 1766 Richard Parker as Adm.

was involved in a law suit. {169} One reference referred to "Maj. Parker" {170} in 1787 so

evidently Richard Parker had been promoted from Capt. to Major. Richard Parker received a

number of Land Grants in Orange County. There are four grants recorded for 700 acres {171},

300 acres {172}, 148 acres {173} and 345 acres {174}In the early days of Chatham Co. North Carolina there appears to be only two families of Parkers

-- Richard Parker who was from Orange County and Robert Parker, son of Simon and Judah

Parker of Edgecombe County, who has already been traced. The first recorded deed to Richard

Parker was on February 17, 1771 when he sold to Oldham Hightower 180 acres on Newhope

where Hightower was living. The deed stated "Richard Parker of the County of Orange" and was

witnessed by James Turner, Lewis Parker and John Booker. {175} There were many deeds

recorded in Chatham County made by Richard parker and by him and his wife Ann Parker. A few

that give information are given here.

Richard Parker to William Griffin, land on New Hope includes plantation where Stephen Parker

now lives... 300 acres... on North side of Haw River, East side of Pokeberry. Jan. 8, 1783

Stephen Parker, Daniel Parker Rich'd Parker

Richard Parker to Lewis Parker 643 a. on waters of Newhope on Lick Branch... 400 pounds Wm.

x Copeland, Edward Edwards Rich'd Parker

Daniel x Parker

Richard Parker and Ann Parker to John Hogan of Orange County land on both sides of

Newhope... 120 acres being a part of a tract of 300 acres granted to sd. Rich Parker by Earl

Granville by deed bearing date of 12 May 1755. 13 Oct 1784 Rich'd Parker

James Sellars, Robt Cobb Ann Parker

Richard Parker Sr. of Chatham Co. to Tignall Jones Sr. of Wake County.. 700 acres.. parts of

three surveys.. sd. Parker's plantation where he now lives.. land on Pike- berry Branch mentioned.

6 March 1784

Francis Jones, Tignall Jones Jr. Rich'd Parker

Lewis Parker

Maj. Richard Parker was closely allied with the Hogan Family. He sold Isaiah Hogan land on

"Lick Branch". {180} Isaiah Hogan died and on February 12, 1782 Nancy Hogan, Nancy x

Hogan, J. Williams and Rich'd Parker were appointed "Executors". {181} By 1785 John Hogan

was appointed administrator of the est- tate of his father. {182} (One deed states that John Hogan

was the son of Isaiah Hogan, dec'd.) In 1787 Nancy Hogan was appointed administrator of the

estate. {183} John Hogan came to Georgia about the same time Maj. Richard Parker and his

family came. Further proof that the Hogans were relatives is that Lewis Parker, who seemed to be

the oldest son of Richard Parker, named his oldest son, Isaiah Parker

There were many changes in the county lines in Georgia about that time. Washington County was

created from Indian Lands in 1784. Greene County was made from Washington in 1786, and in

1793 Hancock was made from Greene and Washington. Warren was an adjoining county to

Hancock. In 1825 Taliaferro County was formed from Green, Hancock, Warren, and Wilkes

Counties. The Parkers settled in this area and are found in the records of several of them.

Major Richard Parker and Ann Parker moved to Georgia. In Wilkes Co., Georgia Court Minutes

of 1784, p. 29, is a notice, "Ordered that Richard Parker have a Warrant for 200 Acres on the

Waters of the Ogeechee, on his own Head Right". At the same time Warrants were issued to

Lewis Parker and Sherwood Hatley, both from Chatham Co., North Carolina. In the Tax Digest

for Wilkes Co., Georgia for 1785, Capt. Thompson's District, the following men paid tax:Richard Parker

Richard Parker, Jr.

Stephen Parker

Daniel Parker

Lewis Parker








1/2 polls



2 slaves

200 Acres Wilkes Co.

1 slave

200 Acres Wilkes County

200 Acres Wilkes County

In the Minute Book Powellton Baptist Church, Mayfield, Hancock Co., Georgia (organized in

1786) for the year 1786 were the names of Richard Parker and Ann Parker. Although recorded

deeds have not been located to show how much land was owned by Richard Parker, he acquired a

number of acres. On April 1, 1799 he made a deed to his son, Richard Parker Jr., giving him

some slaves and 516 acres of land. In this deed he mentioned his "other children" but did not

name them.

Richard Parker, Sr. of Greene County, Georgia, to son, Richard Parker, Jr. for the consideration

of the love, good will & affection which I have & do bear toward my son Richard Parker, Jr. &

further for the con- sideration of ten dollars, four negroes, to-wit, Cader, Judah, James & Jincy;

also one tract of land which I now live on, containing 516 acres, lying on Powells creek, part in

Greene & part in Hancock, adjoining land of John Cain, James Alford & John Johnston; together

with dwelling house thereon & all furniture, stock & ______ of all kinds, together with all my

substance of any kind whatever not posted to other children before this date. April 1, 1799

Richard Parker (Seal) {184} Signed, Sealed and delievered in the presence of Reuben Slaughter,

John C. Mason, Tho. Baldwin, J. G. Recorded the 6th of April, 1799. Tho. Carleton, Clk.

By 1799 Major Richard Parker was growing old. When and where he died has not been found but

he evidently died between 1799 and 1811 as shown by this deed, recorded in Chatham Co.

Richard Parker of Grreene County, Ga. to Francis Jones land on Pokeberry Creek granted to

Isaiah Hogan and from John Hogan, son of Isaiah, deeded to Richard Parker, Sr. Apr. 1, 1811

Matt Jones, Lewis Parker Richard Parker

Of the four men, Lewis Parker, Stephen Parker, Daniel Parker and Richard Parker, Jr. Only one,

Richard Parker, Jr. is actually mentioned as a son of Richard Parker, Sr. However Richard

Parker, Sr. mentioned "other children" in a deed and Lewis, Daniel and Stephen were so closely

associated with him they had to be his children. He sold the land on which Stephen Parker lived

in Chatham which certainly shows a close relationship. No doubt, Major Richard Parker and Ann

Parker had some daughters but their names are not known. Until proven other- wise Lewis,

Daniel and Stephen Parker are here considered sons of Richard and Ann Parker.

1. Lewis Parker

Heirs of Lewis and Sarah Parker:









Asa H. Parker

Isaiah Parker

Richard Parker

Nancy Parker, m John Breedlove.

Heirs of Stephen Parker

Sherrod Parker

Lewis Parker

(?) Lewis and Sarah Parker may have had a son, Jonathan

Parker, who died in Jones Co., GA. His estate was

administered in May, 1813 by John Breedlove, son-in-law

of Lewis Parker and Isaiah Parker, son of Lewis Parker.2. Daniel Parker

3. Stephen Parker (no issue)

4. Richard Parker, Jr. (see below)

From Elanor Davis McSwain's Some Ancestors and Descendants of Richard Parker , Chirurgeon,

Born in Cornwall, 1629, Died in Virginia, Ca. 1680 and Many Other Parker Records.

Richard Parker IV

The Daughters of Isaiah Parker Mayfield Nash Top - by Tiffany Nash



History of Greene County, Georgia by Rice and Williams

pg 42 Daniel Parker 400 acres Beaverdam Creek 1790

Richard Parker 516 acres Powells Creek 1791




1785- List of Taxable property of Wilkes County, GA.  [Abstracted & Compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson (Mrs. John Lee) State Historian Georgia D.A.R., 1926-28, State Chairman Genealogical Research 1928-1932, Regent Hannah Clarke, Chaper DAR, Early Records of Georgia Vol's. I & II Wilkes County,  (Southern Historical Press, Inc.  275 West Broad Street Greenville, South Carolina 29601), page 31,33 Volume 2

Jas. SPRATLING, ...1 poll, 500 acres Wilkes Co., out of Capt. Elsberry's District, Received by Michael Elsberry pg 33

Daniel PARKER,  1 poll, 200 acres Wilkes Co.  out of Capt Thompson District, Received by Benj. Thompson, Esqr. pg 31

Richard PARKER, 2 polls, 2 slaves, 200 acres, out of Capt Thompson District, Received by Benj. Thompason, Esqr. pg 31

Stephen PARKER, 1½ polls, 1 slave, Richard Parker, Jr., 1 poll .   ditto pg 31


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    Crawford Parker + Mary Self ~ 14 Apr 1855 bond ~ William M. Linville
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    Newton H. Parker + Sarah F. Brown ~ 17 May 1864 bond ~ Wm. P. Heath
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    Thomas Parker + Betsey Weaver ~ 8 Aug 1825 bond ~ Jno. Draughon
    William B. Parker + Rachel Lloyd ~ 1 Jul 1845 bond ~ Pleasant Rayl
    William R. Parker + Mary Fields ~ 18 Sep 1866 bond ~ Major Moore

    DNA FG#7 Wayne N. Parker half first cousin 4 times removed`are listed below
    Howel Parker + Elizabeth Weatherley
    Jonathan Parker + Jean Wilson
    Amelia "Milly" Parker + Levin Peter Gray
    Marriages P
    • Wayne and others, I will be posting my Parker Ydna papers which ended in 8/8/2018, please update from that time to the present, please all male Parker do the Ydna test. Pretty please, perhaps this will inspire more participation and perhaps you will find your ancestor on this list as well. Groups included 1,2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 in to 10, 15, 16, 4 merged in to 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 in to 8, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, and many others with no Ydna matches yet. Some of
      these groups have only 2 Parkers.

      Family group 1 includes P4, 6, 17, 20, 31, 37, 57, 63, 73, 100, 102, 119, 130, 149, 236, 265, 302, 332, 343, 403, 411, 428. States included Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Kansas. P63 Perry Parker, b 1856 TX, died Dallas County, TX Wives Bettie Morrison, Angeline Tennessee Maple Maples, Bertha SPARKS/SIEBOLT. P4 James Parker b1815, TN died 1863 Bourbon County, KS early for KS. P332 Nathan Parker found in Gibson County, TN 1860 Federal Census. Wife Hulda.

      Family group 7 which includes your P401 Richard Parker born 1728 Orange County, NC, died 1799 Greene County, GA, wife Ann Hogan
      P11, 35, 83, 91, 92, 106, 110, 113, 120, 140, 175, 183, 184, 185, 198, 200, 212, 216, 220, 239, 241, 257, 280, 283, 296, 303, 69, 316, 317, 353, 355, 367, 368, 371, 386, 401, 402, 412, 422, 435, all included in Family group 7. See Orange County, North Carolina David Parker Post connecting Pittsylvania County, Virginia with Orange County, North Carolina.
      • Steven,
        This is the link to the public page on the Parker DNA Project. Note: there are two pages.

        Wayne N. Parker P239 and Kit #145926 FG#7 Co-Admin for the Parker DNA project
        FamilyTreeDNA - Parker Surname Y-DNA Project
        • Wayne, YDNA group 12 has Joseph Crockett Parker of Accomack, county North Carolina. She was wondering about Indiana lineage. I do think that the YDNA of Parker may have that information. I will double check my records right now. I have it right here.
          Quanah Parker abt 1845 TX P43 in the 2018 YDNA Parker records. Here are the testing numbers: 13, 25, 14, 10, 11, 16,12, 12,12,13,13,29,18,9,10, 11, 12,25, 14, 19, 30, 15, 15, 16, 17. The Parker story is this, Cynthia Ann Parker was captured by the Indians, and Quanah Parker was either her husband or son. I think those numbers I gave do not include Cynthia Ann Parker white father since she also had an Indian father, and the numbers did not match to group 1 or 5 which I think is Cynthia Ann Parker white father.
          • Correction P117, Group 12, Joseph Crockett Parker born Accomack County, VA or NC not sure which, died 1843, wife: Mary Ann AMBROSE, born 1806 County, Cork Ireland. Others in Family Group 12, P70 John Parker abt 1569 Eng, P81 Peter Parker 1783 MD/KY, P93 John R Parker 1861 MO, P99 Ayres Parker 1755-65 MD, P117 Joseph C Parker 1800 VA, P167 Peter Parker 1910 MS.
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