Thank you so much for your research by everyone as the Bedford County, Virginia Old Creek connection is also in the Pittsylvania Tax Record where we have 2 William Parker, the one of William Parker/William Hosley with slaves and the other William Parker and John without slaves and the kicker is Old Womans Creek.  Two different William Parker, the William Parker in the 1839 Will list William Hosley is not the William Parker in the Bedford County, Virginia record listing Old Womans Creek.  There is a John Parker listed 1786 who is a slave owner, 291 of 808, page 32, Pittsylvania County, Virginia tax record who may be the father of William Parker/Wm Hosley, however it is not the John Parker and William Parker, Bedford County, Virginia Old Womans Creek, now proven to me 100 percent.



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  • Is it possible that the William and John Parker are tied to John Parker from Lunenburg Co. who died in 1774? I have found that with county divisions that any Parkers in Franklin, Bedford, and Pittsylvania Counties have close ties to the Parkers in Caswell, Person and Orange County, NC which are located across the state line. My ancestor, John Parker was living in Orange County and died there around 1794. I believe he is the son of Mildred and Thomas Parker or the Son of John Parker who died in Lunenburg, Co. Va. 1774. Through land records, Rev. War pension applications, family connections and marriage records there is no doubt that members of those two families lived in NC before migrating to Tenn. I'm leaning more toward the Lunenburg connection but can't rule out the Thomas Parker/Mildred Donaho Parker connection. please let me know what you think. Thanks!
    • Great amount of information on John Parker died 1774. Had a son John who died in 1814. A lot of this information is very accurate, good sources. Also Thomas Parker married Mildred Donaho, do not think your John matches with Thomas either. Some other people think your John matches with John who died in 1774. Children of John Parker who died 1774, the children listed are, William, Sarah, Ann, John, Thomas, Sterling, Elizabeth. Some people say John had 3 wives, other say 2 wives. John Parker very wealthy. Many, many great accurate sources on John who died 1774. 25 pages, Per The Montgomery County, NC Heritage Book Volume 3 or III (2001) Page 447
      Family #837. Submitted by Larry W Cates.
    • Please take the YDNA test if you have not done the test. My ancestor Jesse Parker is in group 7. You need to be male with the last name of Parker. Very important for you and other males with the last name of Parker to take the test. I have an old list which I will post for you later by name and also by area, 2 different lists. My list includes all the different groups that have done the test. Many different groups I will include in my post, perhaps it will inspire some more male people with the last name of Parker to take the test. I think Thomas Parker/Mildred Donaho have a bible record. I learn a lot from what you and others write, will get back later with my research, also have learned that William Parker died 1839 very most likely had a daughter Nancy Parker who married Phillip Craft. William Parker daughter Mildred married George Craft. George Craft contested the probate, Phillip Craft was a very very wealthy man as was George Parker, both owned many slaves.
      • Thank you so much for the link. Works great. Doing research now on 2 screens. Hope to have more posted before I leave the research center. Thank you everyone for all your research and Please all male Parkers with the last name of Parker do the test, I will be posting the names if my list has more than what Wayne just gave all of us.
        • Steve, would you be willing to speak over the phone at some point? I would really like to pick your brain on some of our research. If so, send me an email with your number.My email is Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.
          • Thomas Parker/Mildred Donaho KJMD-NPH, no John Parker listed, had Thomas Parker dying in 1761.
          • William Parker b1823 Orange County, NC, died 1923 Benton County, Arkansas. P235 Family group 17. William Elijah Parker born 1828 died 1923 Benton County, Arkansas L22M-HYR, Family Search. William B Parker born 1823 died 1871, KBYQ-9DS, died by hanging, Family search. What is correct, William Elijah Parker married Arminda Elizabeth Hickenbottom, family search. Virginia Counties, YDNA, Grayson, Bedford, Botetourt, Accomac, Hampshire, Halifax, Nansemond, Albemarle. More later.
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