Jesse Parker had  descendants, many of whom are YDNA matched today into Parker Project YDNA FG#7.   Members of Jesse Parker's family descendant line who wish to develop their unique family history are welcome to join this interest group. 

Documented research, sharing,  and  participation in DNA testing are the main goals of this group. 

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  • Hello FG#7 members

    Check out the following three posts on Parker Heritage for the latest information on Jesse Parker family.

    Wayne N. Parker
    BREAKING NEWS !!! post #1 of 3
        NOTE: Warning this is a work in progress!!!!!!!!   Based on the Parker research by Steven Charles Kratz and my own research on the Parker family…
  • My name is Tracey Wilson. Jesse Mathew Parker is my 4th great grandfather through my mother, Marylyn Portis Pense FG#7. Her father was William Calumet Portis who's father was William Richard Portis who's mother was Delilah Coe Portis who's mother was Elizabeth Parker Coe who"s father was Jesse Mathew Parker "1776".

     I found Jesses mother her name is Ema Mourning Parker. My sister does all our on Ancestry and has connected Mourning Parker to our family via THRU lines.

      I was wondering if anyone else has any info on this line and I'm hoping to connect with other family members.
  • I have had my father's DNA done through FamilyTreeDNA. He is 100 years old. Jesse Parker is his 3x Great Grandfather through Matthew Arnold Parker, then Mahala Parker, etc. Would it benefit the group (or us) to submit his results? His name is Douglas Mayo.
    • If he is not a genetic Parker I do not think his yDNA will not benefit the Parker yDNA Project. But please enter his Parker family names, dates, spouse, places, children, etc which will allow cousins to find you! Ask any questions! Thank you for posting! Mike, moderator/owner
    • I made a mistake! If he is Douglas Mayo Parker, please enter his yDNA in the Parker yDNA Project! My mental lapse may be due to son’s wedding last night, please forgive me. Mike
  • References, 1835 Census Spanish Alcalde Sabine Dist, Texas. 1850, 1860 Census Cherokee County, Texas. Info by Benjamin Baynes Parker from records of his father Washington Lafayette Parker. Record kept by Alexander Hamilton Parker. Isaacks Family History, and Bible in posession Maude Isaacks, now dead. There were other references but do not have them now. Jesse Parker chlldren, Mathew Arnold Parker, Wiley Parker, Rebecca Parker, Elizabeth Ann Parker, Sarah Parker who married Schrier. Mathew Arnold Parker who married Mary Isaacks is my direct ancestor and YDNA also helps confirm this information. Elizabeth Ann Parker married Phillip Coe a gambler. Family bible record of Washington Lafayette Parker was another record. There are records of William, Jesse and Benjamin Parker being in close proximity, connected. My assumption is they are brothers. These records are Louisiana records and it seems pretty clear that this is the same Jesse Parker that died in 1849. YDNA supports that Benjamin and Jesse are closely related, brothers or cousins. Not sure this William Parker has had any YDNA or other DNA done. What is your proof of Willis Parker/Bounds. Sincerely Steven C Kratz.
  • David by my records Willis is the son of Wiley and Lucinda. Willis and Jesse are brothers.
    Willis's children: Mary Virginia Bownds, John Franklin Parker, Sarah Elizabeth Parker, Daniel Wiley and Martha Caroline Ponton.
    Daniel Wiley Parker son of Willis had three daughters, Arzena McKenzie, Mattie Maude Chrisner and Nancy Jane Gibson.
    No children listed for Jesse Parker.
    • Wiley and Mathew Arnold Parker are brothers. Jesse is the father of Wiley and Mathew Arnold Parker. I believe Wiley married Lucinda Fulcher. YDNA group 7 Jesse Parker along with Benjamin Parker. 1870 Census Elizabeth Parker, second wife of Jesse Parker, next to her after he Civil War, a black man cannot remember the first name, but the last name was Isaacks. Mathew Arnold Parker married Mary Isaacks. Probably slave of Isaacks or Parkers. Happened after the Civil War. One more indirect proof of Jesse Parker, Mathew Parker.
  • Daniel Wiley Parker is my 13th cousin four times removed.
    • Some Parker Family Group 7ydna results. Benjamin Parker b. 1770-1779, Mills Parker 1762, John Willie Parker 1861, Elisha Parker 1785-1787, Richard Parker 1794-1796. John Wesley Parker about 1849, Francis Parker abt 1812, Jesse Parker 1775, James 1787, John W 1874, Isaac Parker 1794, Noah Parker, Daniel Parker 1822, Joseph A Parker 1823, Richard Parker 1625, James Parker 1730-1750, William Parker 1824, Jacob Parker 1753, Richard Parker 1834, Jesse Parker 1795, Thomas Parker 1801, John Parker 1787, Samuel Parker 1795, Francis Parker 1652, John Parker 1800, Alexander Parker 1775, William Parker 1858, James Thomas Parker 1860, Richard Parker 1728, Daniel Parker 1756, David Parker 1834, Elvington Parker 1810, Robert Parker 1816. Results for the year 2018, August 8.
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