I seek to learn the Parents of George Washington Parker born November 9, 1831 in Chautaqua, County New York. Died February 18, 1905 in Rochester, Beaver County. Pennsylvanie. Little info in Chautaqua, County records. The 1970 U.S. census alternatively sites his birthplace as New Jersey. 

For much of his life he was a boat captain on the Erie Canal.

The 1900 census shows his Mother was French Canadian. He was orphaned as a small boy. Both of his parents died shortly after his birth. His son Charles Parket (a glassblower) told his children and grandchildren that they were directly related to Captain John Parker hero of Lexington/Corcord. Any and all information which establishes this line would be much appreciated.

My Mother was Betty Jane Parker, one of eight children of George A. Parker (G.W's  grandson).

Randall C. Root


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  • I am also directly related to Captain John Parker. I do not recognize the names and references you cite here but it has been awhile since I created the part of my family tree that includes Captain John. There is a book, GENEALOGY AND BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES OF JOHN PARKER OF LEXINGTON ... 1635 TO 1893. You can find it as a reprint on Amazon and as a free downloadable PDF if you do a Google search. Contact me here if you have other questions. Good Luck.
  • 1880 and 1900 Census has the father of George Washington Parker born in New York.
  • Get the death certificate for George Washington Parker if you do not have it already. It may list the parent or parents of George Washington Parker.
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