Sarah Parker (1706-1811)

Hello all! Does anyone happen to have information on a Sarah Parker born 1706 in Calvert, Maryland and died 1811 in Virginia? Her father was a George Parker and mother was Susannah Parker. I am placed in FG#7 but do not have anyone in said group that is related to a common Parker post 1805 (I am stuck at 1805 hence why I say "post"). Nevertheless, I was able to upgrade my test through FTDNA, again, and was matched with a fellow who is not a surname Parker but, has aligned families as my own (e.g. Parker, Osborne, Roark). This is where I found the above Sarah Parker. She married a fellow who's surname is O'Roark. Some of thier children migrated to North Fork, Ashe County, North Carolina, the exact spot as my Parker family. They dropped the "O" and are known as the Roarks. A working hypothosis is that, my Parkers may have traveled with them to Ashe County. However, I have no information, yet. Does anyone happen to have any information that might help me out? 

My family has married both Osbornes and Roarks form Ashe County.


My earliest known Parker:

Jesse Parker (1805 NC-1871 North Fork, Ashe County, North Carolina). 

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