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I’ve been told by relatives that I’m related to Deacon Thomas Parker 1609-1683, but I haven’t been able to trace the exact line, even with the information listed below.


In an excerpt from the book, Todd County, Kentucky, it states, “Col. Francis Milton Duffy (1796-1858) married Parmelia Parker (1805-1847), a daughter of Thomas Parker (1768-1846) and Susannah Rogers (1773-1838) (daughter of William H. Rogers of Bardstown, KY.  The immigrant Rogers ancestor came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.)  Parmelia Parker’s immigrant ancestor was Deacon Thomas Parker who emigrated to the Plymouth Colony in 1635.  The ancestral line was:  Deacon Thomas Parker, John Parker, Nathaniel Parker, and Thomas Parker, father of Parmelia Parker Duffy.”


I’m hoping someone will have specifics on the line from my 3rd great grandfather, Thomas Parker to Nathaniel, John and Deacon Thomas.


Also, in case anyone is from this same line, I’m also having difficulty connecting William H. Rogers to Thomas or Joseph Rogers of the Mayflower.

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  • I am directly descended from Deacon Thomas through his son John 1640-1699. John did not have a son Nathaniel. He (John) did however have a brother Nathaniel 1651-1737. This Nathaniel did not have a son Thomas according to my records. If you follow Find-A-Grave you will discover that the John, Nathaniel, and Thomas you cite here are not related to Deacon Thomas Parker. Good luck with your search.
  • A late response to the 2011 posting by Roberta Churchill. Regretfully it was my father who provided the information for Thomas Parker 1768-1846 in the 1995 book Todd County Kentucky Family History. .Deacon Thomas Parker belongs to Parker yDNA Family Group #19, while Thomas Parker 1768-1846 belongs to Parker yDNA Family group #18, so there is no biological relationship between those two Parker lines. And the link of William H. Rogers being a descendant of the Mayflower 'Rogers' family was flowery language with no proven connection.
  • Hi, Deacon Thomas Parker 1609-1683 is my great x 9 grandfather ,
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