P412 David B Parker born 1836, father Moses Parker, Bibb County, Alabama 1850 Census.  P35 Mills Parker born 1762, Isaac Parker born 1765.   P11 Benjamin Parker 1770s,  P120 Jesse Parker 1770s, P183 Isaac Parker born 1794.  Some people think William Parker father of Isaac Parker born 1794.  There may be a very close connection between all of these Parkers mentioned above.

P83 John Willie Parker born 1861.  P91 Elisha Parker born 1785-1787.  P92 Richard Parker born 1794-1796.  P106 John Wesley Parker born about 1849.  P113 Francis Parker born about 1812.   P140 James Parker born 1787.  P175 John W Parker born 1874.  P184 Noah Parker, Sumner County, Tennessee.  P185 Daniel Parker born 1822.  P198 Thomas Parker born 1484.  P220 Joseph A Parker born 1823.  P239 Richard Parker born about 1625.  P241 James Parker born 1730-1750.  P257 William Parker born 1824.  P280 Jacob Parker born 1753.  P283 Richard Parker born 1834.  P296 Jesse Parker born 1795.  P303 Thomas Parker born 1801.  P353 Samuel Parker born 1795.  P355 Francis Parker born 1652.  P367 John Parker born 1800.  P368 Alexander Parker born 1775.  P371 William Parker born 1858.  P386 James Thomas Parker born 1860.  P401 Richard Parker born 1728.  P402 Daniel Parker born 1756.  P422 Elvington Parker born 1810.   P435 Robert Parker born 1816.  P69 John Parker born 1787.   List goes up to 2018.      

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  • Nice work Steven! I am currently researching my closest yDNA matches and creating a tree for each. I have been able to merge some of the trees. Will keep working! I am P185, oldest known relative a Daniel Parker. Mike
    • YDNA Group 7, John Wesley Parker his father J B Parker probably Joshua Browning Parker, 1850 Census, Georgia. J B Parker and A Parker. Family Search also included in this research. Joshua Browning Parker father of John Wesley Parker, A or Aaron Parker father of Joshua Browning Parker. Aaron Parker father of Aaron Parker. Captain John Parker father of Aaron Parker. Thomas Parker father of John Parker. William Parker father of Thomas Parker. More research needed after A or Aaron Parker. Aaron Parker married Margaret Elizabeth Browning, M in 1850 Census. This is where the middle name of Browning comes from Joshua Browning Parker. Very interested in your Daniel Parker because of Jesse Parker passport states a native of South Carolina though he was born in Nails Creek, Franklin County, Georgia which borders South Carolina. Land record has Tugaloo River mentioned which borders Georgia and South Carolina. Nalis Creek very close to South Carolina. Mentions a Robert Parker. There is a probate record in Gates County, North Carolina about Daniel Parker and that he had a son Robert Parker who I think is the father of Robert Parker who I think is the father of my Jesse Parker. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia seem all to be connected. We need to share notes, please respond. One last thing Benjamin Parker born in North Carolina most likely probably a brother of my Jesse Parker, this Benjamin Parker had a son Benjamin born in Kentucky 1803 living in Louisiana. There are very very few Parkers living in the south born in Kentucky. Benjamin born 1803 and a Robert born 1800. Went through many Kentucky tax records of different counties and found Robert, Benjamin and Jesse all listed together and having land on the same water course. Robert Parker and his two sons Jesse and Benjamin Parker. The Kentucky county is Livingston where the Parkers are listed, along with Isaac and William Parker. Also Abraham Anderson who married Eurydice Parker who I think is a sister of my Jesse Parker.
      • I will respond but may be a few days. Thank you for sharing your research. Mike
        • Steven, I did some research on the John Browning line back and forward. I am Ancestry based so how should I send to you if you are not using Ancestry? I can print and have my office staff fax, mail or possibly e-mail. My email is parker821@gmail.com, phone cell 2569977070 office 2568456360 if needed. Or Parker Heritage if easier. Mike
          • I have both Ancestry and Family Search. Have you done Ancestry DNA, I did mine last thursday. If you have done the DNA, not the YDNA, look for Richard Parker having an Isaac Parker as a common ancestor. Isaac Parker may be a brother of my ancestor Jesse Parker. Richard Parker is alive and has a menbership to Ancestry. Wrote to him a couple times but he has not written back with me lately.
            • My tree on Ancestry.com is Dr.Michael Ray Parker. Can you find it? Mike.
              • Sorry re delay, in ER hours with sick wife Thursday then her mother died Saturday at 98 years old, funeral today. The Richard Parker tree has Isaac A Parker b 15 Oct 1888, Bladen Co, NC, d 13 SEP 1884, son of Daniel DeWitt Parker, b 23 FEB 1842 White Oak, BladenCo, NC, d 8 DEC 1917 White Oak, son of a Wm Parker, no dates but b Bladen Co, married to Orpha Simmons , b 1804 Bladen Co, NC , death unknown.
                • Mike,
                  So sorry to hear of your mother-in-law passing and your wife having to go to ER. Zula and I will keep your family in our prayers.
                • Daniel Dewitt m Orpha Davis 1804-1918. Children John Edmund Parker 1874-1915, Henry Miles Carson 1877-1955, Mary 1881, Joseph T 1881, Martha 1883, Benny 1886, Issac A 1888-1974, John W 1891, Nora 1900.
                  • The Richard Parker tree is father Robert b 27 Jun 1930 Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC, d 12 MAR 1986 Jacksonville FL, GF Allie Grover P b 10 APR 1992 NC, d 14 MAY 1955 Fayetteville NC. GGF James C b 1860 Cumberland Co NC, died 23 DEC 1900 Cumberland Co , GGFF Robert Parker b DEC 1816 NC, d 1880 Cumberland Co, NC, Cader(or Kader) b 1779 Cumberland NC, d 9 Oct 1850 Cumberland Co, Wm Jacob Paker b Colony of Carolina, d 1812 Cumberland Co. Cader Parker, b circa1738, d 12 Aug 1780. Jonathan Parker b 1813, Nansemond Co, VA, d Jun 1788, Sampson, NC. Then to Richard I, II, III and the Richard I is the Dr Richard P 1630-1681 m. Sarah Elizabeth Bailey which I recall as being Parker Fam#5.
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