• I am connected to Captain John in several ways. My direct connection to this branch is through Deacon Thomas' son John (1640-1699). I am, however, connected to the Deacon's sons Thomas, Hananiah, and Nathaniel through both cousin marriages and connections with other families. My paternal haplogroup is E-BY7749, a subclade of E-V22. I am in Family Group 19.
  • Hi, A biographical sketch of Silas Parker, born 1831 in Lake, Ashland County Ohio,  states that he is the son of Cephas Parker born in Oneida County, NY in 1805; grandson of William Parker, who was a hops farmer in Oneida county; and gret grandson opf Captain John Parker who was the hero of Lexington.  I have not been able find the connection of Silas', Cephas, or William to Captain Parker, so maybe this was a family story that was untrue (although a biographical sketch of father Cephas states the same heritage and also states that Cephas was a first cousin to Theodore Parker, the famous theologian and also grandson of Captain John Parker).  So, I am confused about how and whether the line is the same as that of Captain John Parker, but so far have not found a known living male descendant who could do a DNA to prove or disprove. 

    FYI, the siblings Asa Longley Parker, Leonard Parker, and Edith Ede Parker are in my direct line and are named uncles and aunt by Silas in the sketch -  but I also can't find proof of that relationship.   Any ideas or facts would be welcome to find out in lieu of the DNA (or if someone else with this ancestry would be found and willing to do a DNA sample). 

  • Everything I've seen shows family 10. But I quit looking so hard after I found I wasn't a 10, but a 5.  Like you, I am surprised more aren't on here. OR possibly they don't know about us yet either.

    Still searching,


    • That's the thing, AFAIK, they aren't family group 10.  They descend from Deacon Thomas Parker of Reading - if there is a link to FG10, then it's back in England.  That has been posited, but not proved.  I was just digging up Lexington/Concord stuff for our spring newsletter and thought of him.  It's kind of amazing how fast the word got around and how fast the towns responded.  From the 80-odd folks at Lexington Green to the hundreds at Concord, to the thousands at Menetomy (now Arlington) all coming from 58 different towns.



      • I was researching my Kentucky family history and found the story of how Lexington, KY was named in June 1775 when the shot heard around the world finally reached the KY settlers.

        AND to further confuse us: I am related to another John Parker (PG5) also Captain (&Colonel) ALSO born in 1729, but in Woodbridge,NJ.  He supposedly left no issue, but did serve in locations where PG5 Parkers such as my James, Elder John and Joshua YORK were born.

        Also which family was Josiah Parker, the one who refused to run from the redcoats?

        best of luck with the newsletter!,


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