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Parkers....2 different links

1. Grandfather Marion T Bolton son of BETHEL (Bessie)PARKER daughter of Francis Marion Parker son of James William Parker son of Daniel Parker son of Elder John Parker &Sarah White 1798/1836 @Ft Parker Texas2. Again BETHEL PARKER (greatgrandmother)wife of James William Bolton son of James T Bolton who was son of Sarah Parker who was the daughter of Joshua Parker born in Grayson VA 4-13-1790 died Washington Texas 7-24-1838 son of William Parker born in Ireland. I know Joshua was part of Stephen Austin's Old 300 Colony and was prominent in Texs history. I've heard he had a connection to Texas A&M. Would love some more information on him. I hope Joshua was not related to greatgrandmother BETHEL PARKER BOLTON. lol
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Hi Parker People,

My Uncle took the Y-DNA test at my request.  I can trace our line back to Lemuel Parker (b. @ 1765 in Connecticut, d. @ 1835 Sempronius, Cayuga County, New York) wife is Tacy Barber Niles (b. 11 June 1782 Stephentown, Rensselaer County, New York, d. @ 1835 Sempronius, Cayuga County, New York.

My first Y-DNA match is descended from Perry Oliver Parker (b. Feb 1852 Maude, Indiana, died 31 August 1903 Sharon, Mercer, Pennsylvania) wife is Viola Tisdale (b. 5 March 1853 New York, d. 1 March 1923 Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio).  Parents of Perry Oliver Parker are William Parker b. @ 1802 in Pennsylvania, probably died in Indiana before 1870) wife is Mary Hunter (b. 1813 Pennsylvania, d. aft. 1870 probably in Mercer County, Pennsylvania).

The second Y-DNA match is descended from William Harrison Parker (b. 1828 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, d. abt 1895 probably Fulton County, Ill) wife is Nancy Ellen Davis (b. abt 1832 Indiana, d. unknown) William and Nancy divorced and William remarried to Emma S Denny (b. April 1851 St. Louis, Missouri, d. 21 July 1936 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ).  The parents of William Harrison Parker are: Andrew, Andrus, Andress Parker (b. abt. 1783 in Pennsylvania, d. 14 January 1855 in Knox County, Illinois) wife is Polly ? (b. abt 1799 in Vermont, d. aft. 1850 in Illinois).

If you have one or all of these people or their descendants in your tree please let me know.  Below is the URL to my Ancestry Tree, Hutchinson Family Tree, would appreciate any help I can get!



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I am searching for any information on Lincoln Parker, if it wasn't for my birth certificate I'd think he didn't exsist. I have tried searching on and off over the years with no luck because I have very little to go on. I just joined the site hoping someone will regonize his name. In all the searches I've done nothing ever comes back with his name. He was either from South Carolina or North Carolina and had a son and daughter before me.
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The Parkers from Minnesota

My maternal great grandmother was Alice Glen (Parker) Oleson. She was born in Iowa, on December 8, 1904. She married Elmer Glen Oleson on May 27, 1925. She died in 1986 and was buried in Bethany Lutheran Cemetery in Storden, MN. Growing up, my family has always said we are related to Cynthia and Quanah Parker. I would like to understand exactly where our families are connected.
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Marion County, Arkansas, Parkers

Reposting in hopes that maybe someone has joined since I last posted it who may have knowledge.  All help greatly appreciated:

My Parkers moved from Tennessee to Marion County, Arkansas.  My great-great grandfather's name was Jeremiah Sylvanis Parker (born 1854 in Arkansas).  His mother's name was Sarah (last name unknown) and she was born in South Carolina around 1815.  His father's first name is unknown, but he was born in Tennessee around 1810.  They had at least three sons - David C. Parker (born 1844 in TN), William G. Parker (born 1849 in Arkansas), and Jeremiah Sylvanis Parker.  Not sure where and when my great-great-great grandfather died, but it was prior to 1860 because the census shows Sarah living with her sons in the household of Rial Barnett.  She was living with her son, David C. in the 1880 census, but no trace of her after that.  Also, all traces of David C. and his 2nd wife Sarah (Minnis) and his daughters, Neoma, Saleda, Arkansas, Mary Emma, and Delana disappear after 1880.  You'd think with first names like those you wouldn't have any problem, but they have just vanished.

I've had similar luck with William G.  Can't find anything on him. 

Would love to know if anyone out there has any info on these folks (except Jeremiah...I have his descendants pretty well covered).  Or, if anyone knows anything about the relationship between Sarah Parker and Rial Barnett and his family, or where in Tennessee these folks came from, that would be really helpful.

Thank you!


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Fair and Almara ( Mclurg ) Parker

I'm trying to find out about my elders before my great Grandparents. My grandfather was William Delmer Parker. My dad's name is Vernon Roy Parker. The came from Pikeville Kentucky. Dave Parker is listed as my great great grandfather. States his nationality is apache. My great grandmother Almara is supposed to be linked to Cheif Golden hawk Sizemore
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Looking for information on Peter and Ann Parker, from Henry County, Alabama.. his son James Parker born in 1845, in Henry County, Alabama is my 3X grandfather and relocated to Floyd county Va after the civil war.. and then my 3x grandfather married Mariah Agnew also from Floyd County Va..... He listed on his marriage license.. to Mariah Agnew that his parents were Peter and Ann Parker, and he was born in Henry County Alabama in 1845. We were told by my grandfather, George Parker, that he was Native American. I have searched and searched in census and birth, marriage, and death certificates online and have found nothing.. anyone from Alabama that could give me some information regarding my ancestry and could share this with me it would be greatly appreciated..

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Elisha Parker Jr of Somerset MD

Hello-  I'm looking for "proof" that Elisha Parker Jr (born about 1768, Somerset MD) is the son of Elisha Parker Sr (1732-1787) and Abigail Turner.  Elisha Sr's will mentions "my son Elisha" but other than that, I can find no birth or baptism record.  I have Elisha Jr married to Eleanor Gordy (1764-1830), and they had a daughter Polly Parker (1802 Maryland-1847 Delaware) who married Hezekiah Matthews.  Any help is much appreciated.  Thank you!

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My Alabama link is Elvington H Parker, traveling to Alabama around 1850's with Henry T Phillips.  Both were born circa 1810 and traveled from Georgia along the Federal Road.  Looks like they were in Merriweather and Troup Counties for a few decades but did not survive the end of the Civil War.  I assume both are buried in Alabama somewhere.  Last located in Marengo County, Alabama in 1860.  The Parkers and Phillips appeared to travel back and forth from Georgia and Alabama for many years.   

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Growing up I was told that we were related to Bonnie Parker, so I'm trying to figure out how exactly, my great grandmother's maiden name was Ida Parker from East Texas, was also told we were related to Cynthia Parker never heard much about her though so if anyone has any information how Ida was related to either one I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Kim
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seeking info/family links for Lilla Parker Flanagan- my grandmother -

Her Father - Jefferson Davis Parker b1852 Scott MIssissippi/d1910-Texas  This Jefferson Davis Parker was married twice - 1st marriage was to Ida Ryan Leflar-d1891 Johnson County Tx.  JD Parker then married Margaret Ruby Thompson who is the mother of Lilla (on some census records - she is listed as Silla)

  her grandfather was Michael King Parker b1792 North Carolina/d1861-Mississippi

      her ggrandfather was Richard Parker b-1759 Culpepper, VA/died 1797 NC

      her gggrandfather was Joseph Parker b1730  NC/died 1803 NC

     her ggggrandfather was James Parker b1670 VA/died 1761 NC

I believe this info is correct - and there are 2 other requests/answers concerning Jefferson Davis Parker which I have determined are not in my family tree.  Thanks for any help.   Alice Flanagan

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john Parker Washington County, Tennessee

I am looking for any line of these Parkers in Jonesborough, tenn.  Also, surrounding areas, Washington, Sullivan, Greene Counties. John Parker Sr. married margaret Cashedy in 1794., John Parker, Jr. (J.T. Parker) married Rispah Tilson in 1843, (j.t. parker was dead by 1850).  Anyone with this line of parkers?

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In another post, I was looking for information on Jefferson Davis Parker...but I'm not turning my attention to who I believe was his father...a Phillip Washington Parker, who was supposedly born in TN in the early 1800's.  JD Parker's wife Artiliss Martha Lanier Parker stated that JD's father was Phillip, who came from TN.  He settled with his wife in Lawrence County, Arkansas near Black Rock.  Phillip trained soldiers in Hoxie, AR for the Civil War...and Phillip was killed in the war and didn't get to see the birth of his child Jefferson Davis great grandfather.

Artiliss mentioned that JD had a brother named Phillip and a brother named Isaac, along with a sister named Mary.

If anyone has any information on Phillip Washington Parker from TN who is supposed to be Jefferson Davis Parker's father, that would help.

Btw...we've pretty much proven that this Jefferson Davis Parker, who is the father of George Truman Parker, is NOT the Jefferson Davis Parker who is the son of John M. Parker and Clara Fortune Barton Parker.

Thank you.

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