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Greene and Newton County GA Parker’s

my great grandmother was Chanda (Dolly) Parker. She was born 1878 and married Paul Callahan. Her father was James Andrew Parker b. 1847 in Newton County, GA, d. 1906 in Morgan County, GA. His father was Aaron Parker, b. 1810 in GAand died after 1880. Ancestry shows his father as Aaron Parker b. 1768 in Bedford VA and died 1826 in Jasper County, GA. His wife being Mary Williams, md. Greene County, GA in 1801. 

Any bells ringing here?

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Family of Joseph Robert Parker

  1. Greetings, per what my father, Francisco Enrique Orellana (another Parker Heritage member) and I have been able to research, Joseph Robert Parker 1786-1840 was my 3rd Great Grandfather and I’d like to find out more information about his father John Cecil Parker and mother Mary Belford who were all born in Yorkshire, England.  Here’s a link to a partial Family Tree of the descendants of Joseph Robert Parker and his spouse:

Many thanks if you have any other information about Joseph Robert Parkers ancestors.


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Hi, My Parker people are members of Parker Family Group #42.  We are a small group and are GD 1 so we are fairly closely related in time, although we still can't make a connection to our families.  What I would like to do is just as Wayne N. Parker's comment suggests is eliminate Parkers within my tree that aren't related through Family Group #42, but might be related to another group.

  For example,  I have a George Parker (1765-1852) married Phebe Pearsall (1769-1840).  George was a Green Mountain Boy that settled in the area of Niles, Cayuga, New York abt. 1793.  My Brick Wall Lemuel Parker (1771-1835), FG #42,  married Tacy Barber Niles (1782-1835) in Niles, Cayuga, New York. They are in the same area at the same time and I would like to be able to exclude him as a possible relative of my Lemuel Parker.  Therefore I was wondering if anyone out there has George and Phebe Pearsall Parker in their tree who has done the Y-DNA test and can link him to a Parker Family Group.

Below is a link to George Parker in my Ancestry tree:

Below is a link to Lemuel Parker in my  Ancestry tree:

Would appreciate any comments or suggestions!

Thank You


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FTDNA matches

Flood of yDNA matches this week! Largest group in one  week I have ever seen as 12 marker matches in Family # 7. I cannot see the other family group results but can any other yDNA Family groups tell me if you have a similar surge in matches?

We must get the Parker Family yDNA Project revitalized!


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Perquimans/Gates Co. NC Parkers

I live in Perquimans County, NC and am looking for links to Joseph and Louisa Parker.  Joseph's father was Alexander Parker (Northampton Co.)....Louisa's parents were Elisha & Sylvester Parker  of same county.  Joseph & Louisa are my g-g-g-grandparents.  I have a personal letter written by Margaret Saunders Simpson (daughter of Seth Saunders & Adah Parker) in 1957 to her nephew Beecher (son of her brother Willie Jonathat Saunders).  The letter is telling Beecher about the Parker family ancestors.  The letter only goes back as far as Alexander Parker, and Elisha & Sylvester Parker.  I'd like to go further back. 

Steve Casper

Perquimans County, NC


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Sarah Jane Parker

I'm a beginner in the process of locating my Parker descendants.  Here's what I do know which is that my great grandmother Sarah Jane Parker, born

in Golconda, IL, 1859 and died in St. Francis, Clay County, Arkansas, on April 20, 1915, father was William Parker born in TN.  Sarah Jane's death

certificate states 'Will.' which I interpret as William.  Her mother is 'M. Mccollum' born in Scotland.  Sarah Jane had a sister Mary Aston and brother

Marrion who could have been twins as the 1880 IL U. S. Census states they were both 25 at the time and Sarah Jane was 20.  Sarah Jane was married

3 times, first Edward Sawyer, then Orral Ayotte (my great grandfather and husband of Sarah Jane) and then to James Dusenberry.  Can anyone help me

with Sarah Jane?  She seems very complicated.  Thanks!

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Edwin S Parker

Anyone know where I can search for info On Edwin S Parker Military service.  I know he was confederate solider from 1862-1865.  He was living in Rusk Texas when he enlisted.  He was born in Georgia.  Married Rebecca Astin.  Would love to know more about his military service.  Thanks !

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Georgia Parkers

Wayne - I have emailed the Panola park to see if the have a copy of the will that donated that Parker house to Aaron's daughter. Maybe it will list all of the other children. Fingers are crossed.

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Georgia Parkers

Here are my ancestors....hopefully there is a connection out there to help me fill in the gaps:

Henry Boyce Parker, born 1909, Georgia

Orrin Parker, born 1882, Georgia

Henry Anderson Parker, born 1857, Georgia

James Aaron Parker, born 1834, Georgia

Aaron Parker, born 1789, Georgia

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Georgia Parkers

Are there any Georgia Parkers out there? Mine are from Conyers.  From the family tree work that I have done, this family intermingled with the Veal, Higgins and Martins back to Jamestown Virginia Times. 

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Request "any" information of/on Asaph Parker, born to Ichabod and Susannah Cooke.  Susannah's farther is Asaph Cooke and she also has a brother of Asaph. They lived in what is now Adams Mass then moved to Granville, Washington County, NY.  Thomas Parker, his brother, was born in 1781 in Granville, NY. ANY LEADS are welcome.  Our Parker line goes back to early 1600's.  Also would like any info when Edward Parker came to America maybe later part of 1580's to earlier part of 1600's??  My DNA goes back to John Parker and Hannah Bassett. 

Also, if any connect with this line please drop me a note. I have done FT DNA and Ancestry DNA.  Thank you, Darrell 

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Jesse, Coshea, William, Louisa,young Jesse listed in Cherokee County, Texas are my direct relatives. The picture shows my great grandfather(grandson of Patience Parker Pugh and great grandson of Jesse and Coshea Parker). Another picture shows a request to establish a church in their neighborhood at Salem Baptist Church of Christ in Larissa, Texas dated1872. A church was established at that time . Patience Parker Pugh is on that list.
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