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Hello all! Could anyone help with information about early Parker immigrants found in Middlesex, Massachusetts?

I have found a group of DNA matches to my dad's sample over on Ancestry that have all listed the common ancestor John Parker (1591-1622 in Middlesex, Massachusetts) with wife Joanne Drake (1590-1624 in Hartford, Connecticut). This family is found in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, at one point… and spreads out to other locations from there. These DNA matches are unique in that many of them are attached to full trees that contain no other shared surnames with mine (unusual given that we are all found early in Middlesex, Massachusetts).

Many of those trees list the children of this John Parker and wife Joanne as Thomas (b. 1609), Abraham (b. 1612), William (b. 1614), John (b. 1615), Capt. James (b. 1617), Mary Ann (b. 1620), Joseph (b. 1622), Anne (b. 1623), Jacob (b. 1625), and Joshua (b. 1630).  I have not documented this information yet, but merely extracted it from the trees of the DNA matches as a "first step" in investigation. Is there by chance an identified group in the Parker DNA project that includes this immigrant? Or perhaps a recommended and reliable published genealogy for this family?

I am also wondering if there is a group over on the Parker DNA Project for a different John and Joanna... John Parker (1615-1686) and wife Joanna unk (1623-1688) found in Newton, Massachusetts. This John Parker sailed from England to the American Colony in 1636, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts. He settled first in Hingham, Massachusetts. By 1646, he was in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he married Joanna. In 1650, he removed with his family to Newton, Massachusetts, where he was counted among the founders of the settlement. Their children are usually listed as Mary (b. 1647), Martha (b. 1649), John (b. 1651), Jeremiah (twin - b. 1653), Joanna (twin - b. 1653), Thomas (b. 1657), Sarah (b. 1659), Isaac (b. 1662), Jonathan (b. 1665), and Lydia (b. 1667). Or, if there is no DNA group for him in the project, is there a recommended and reliable published genealogy for this family?

Thanks for any assistance or information you can offer!

Evey :-)

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