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Peter Parker b. 1744 in Hertford Co.,-d.abt. 1800 in Northampton Co., NC

Peter Parker b1744 info

Peter Parker was born on 1744 in Hertford, Co., NC and died about 1800. He was a Justice of the Peace and a farmer. He married Joanne (?) about 1764 inNorthampton, Co. The Peter Parker family is listed in the 1790 and 1800 Census for North Carolina in Hertford County, along with the families of Silas Parker, Silas Parker Jr., James Parker, Peter Parker Jr., Daniel Parker and others. Some of these Parker families may be those of his nephews, as well as his brother Silas (see family of Thomas Parker in following post). Peter and Joanne had 11 children, all born in Hertford, Co.:

1. Betsy Ann Parker, born about 1765, died Mar. 11, 1855 near Potecasi, NC, married Christopher Cooke (1756-) before 1780, they had six children: Eley, (1781-), Elizabeth (1783-), Patsy Martha (1785-), Lazarus (1793-1872), Mathias (1796-after 1840), Rebecca (1798-1875).

2. Nancy Parker, born about 1767, may have married Jimmie Winton.

3. Silas Parker, born 1769, first married Deliah Hasty on Jan. 1792 and they had nine children: Winea (1792-), Elizabeth (1794-), David (1796-1878), Wiley S. (1799-), Jethro (1802-), Henry (1805-), Ann (1807-1848), William James (1811-), Mary Rebecca (1811-). Then married Nancy Wynne on Jan. 1832 and they had eight children: John Perry (1828-1848), Oris (1829-1907), Sarah Alice (1831-1917), Ann Elizabeth (1833-1854), Ellen Susan (1836-1899), George Washington (1837-1848), Peter Perry (1838-1916), William Cary (18401-1916).

4. Patty Parker, born about 1771.

5. Jane Parker, born about 1773.

6. Peter Parker, born in 1774, died April 9, 1860, Union Co. NC, married Jemina Hasty about 1797. Peter Parker moved to Anson County, NC. He settled in Lanes Creek area in what is now Union County, NC. Peter and Jemina had nine children: Lemeul, Wiley, Burwell, Anna (1796), Susannah (1799-1880), Matthew (1802-), Peter (1805-1881), Steven (1813-after 1850), Barabara. Peter Parker moved to Anson County, NC. He settled in Lanes Creek area in what is now Union County, NC.

7. Joseph, born about 1777, died about 1836, married Joanne, they had six children: Mary, Penny, Rennie, Lavina, (1815-), King, (1822-), Allison (1826-).

8. Elijah Parker, born 1782, died April 10, 1856 in Union NC, married Margaret Ann Jenkins (1787-1835) in Hertford Co. about 1804. Elijah Parker moved to Anson County, NC, which later became Union County. In the 1850 Census Elijah is listed as a 68 year old cooper. They had twelve children, all born in Hertford Co: Britton (1805-1890), Cullen (1810-), Zachariah (1812-1870), Sarah (1815-1862), William (1817-1900), Elijah (1819-1898), Jerusha (1821-), Zinia (1823-1910), Martha Jane (1827-), Daniel (1829-), Nancy (1831-), Matthew (1833-). All were born in Hertford Co. NC.

9. Elisha Parker, born about 1784, died after 1863, married Matilda Vinson on (1821-) in Hertford Co. NC. They had nine children: Jesse (1836-), Margaret (1838-), Norfleet (1846-after 1890), Martha (1849-1934), Julie (1851-1872), Sarah (1853-1941), Thomas (1856-after 1900), May (1859-1941), John (1863-after 1900). All but May and John were born in Hertford Co., NC, the last two were born inMurfreesboro, TN. In the 1820 census for Hertford Co. NC, Elisha Parker is listed on the same page as Silas Parker and Starkey Sharp. In his listing there are: one male under 10, two males between 10 and 15, one male between 26 and 45, one female between 26 and 45 with three persons engaged in agriculture and one male slave.

10. Joanna Parker, born about 1786

11. unknown Parker, born about 1790

12. Benjamin Parker, born about 1792

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  • To all Parkers in Family Group #1! I have a Facebook Group for our Parkers! Too much to discuss here. Please contact me for more info. Thanks!
    • Kathy, I'm descended from Elisha Parker, the Quaker, b. c. 1725, died 1806 in Wayne County, NC. I'm following my kinsman, also descended from Elisha, who is test P411, into Family Group #1. May I join this Facebook group?
  • Hello,
    I am a direct descendant of Elijah Parker and Margaret Ann Jenkins (Peggy) . Through their daughter Margaret Ozinia Parker (Zina). She married William Deese. He is buried at The First Baptist Church of Pageland, SC, Chesterfield County. He died in 1900. She went to live with her daughter, Martha Deese, my great grandmother and her husband, Joshua Hinson in Rock Hill, SC, York County. They are buried at Laurelwood Cemetary there. I am trying to find the indian from the Parkers. If they were from Bertie County NC then more than likely it is Tuscarora, which is Iroquois. Any idea who Margaret Ann Jenkins parents were ? Thanks
    • Hi Don!
      I'm sorry, but I just now saw your post a year late. I haven't been getting notifications for a long time. I just posted that I have a Facebook group for our Group #1 Parkers, and we have a genetic genealogist who is analyzing our dna. Please let me know if your are interested!
  • My father John Odessa Parker was born in 1921 and raised in Milam County Texas. I do not know anything about his mother, Edna maiden name, possibly Sparks, possibly Hargit! I was always told that she was adopted by a preacher when she was little! My mom apparantly had seen my grandmothers father and she always said he was indian! My dads father was Wade Parker but I do not
    know anything else about my Parker Family!
    • Hi Johnny!
      Do you know that you are in Parker Group #1? If you do not know which group you are in, a Y-DNA test, will help find out. Please contact me for more details.
  • I just recently discovered my Parker line of Sarah Ann Parker b 1832 Gates Co., NC m 1849 James Taylor b 1828. I was intrigued by the church pictured on your face page. It looks like an English church. Does anyone have any information about it? Or about my Gates Co., NC Parkers? Thanks so much!
    • Shirley, that is the Kirby Hill, North Yorkshire church in England. We are in Parker Y-DNA Family group #1. We have a Y-DNA match from that town in England.
  • My family is bound and determined to be related to someone notorious and when it wasn't Quanah, they now want it to be Bonnie Parker. According to my Great aunt Hattie my Ggrandpa used to claim to be first cousins. Can't be. My Ggrandpa was Henry Jess Parker son of John Wesley and Ann Short Parker. Any one so me evidence yah or nah. I am thinking nah but they will need the proof. Tanks for all the help.
  • I had my DNA analyzed through the Genographic Project (Geno 2.0). The haplogroup, according to this is R-Z287. FTDNA has it as R-CTS8277, or R1a1a1b1a3b2. I had my Y-chromosome sequenced back in 2004 (Parker Family DNA Project, Group#1, P20) but didn't get haplotyping.
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