I need help separating the Peter Parkers and Thomas Parkers. I am primarily concerned with Peter Parker who wrote his will 1716 Chowan County, North Carolina. Did he have a son also named Peter Parker Jr or does Peter Parker Jr belong to Thomas Parker? I have a copy of Following the Land. According to Peter Parker's will, he names his wife as Elizabeth. I am seeing Elizabeth's maiden name as Roberts and Moore. I am also seeing Elizabeth as the wife of Peter Giles Parker. Who is Peter Giles Parker? Is he the Peter Parker who wrote his will 1716 Chowan Co, NC? Even in my own research of Peter Parker (will 1716 Chowan County,NC) I find no mention of Peter Giles Parker. I just find a grave on findagrave.com. There is not a picture of a tombstone. I also find a Thomas Parker, son of Peter Giles Parker and Elizabeth Roberts, who was born 1713 Northampton CO, NC and died Nov 1773 Menola, Herford, NC. The cemetery is called Livermans Mill Farm Cemetery. I also find an Elizabeth with the last name of Moore. Center Hill, Chowan County, North Carolina, son of Peter Parker of Deep Run and Wishacone Creek and husband of Elizabeth Moore, and father of Thomas Parker of Northampton Co, NC. Elizabeth Moore presumably is the daughter of John Creek Moore (1634-1692) who supposedly is a Native American, Old Cheraw.  Is there a proven Native American connection here? There is also a Peter Parker who married Grace Copeland. Who does he belong to? Thomas Parker( who has been seen as son of Peter Parker will 1716 Chowan Co, NC) married: Rachel Sessums, Martha Maples in 1729, and Mary Hoskins in 1737 Northampton Co, NC. There is also a Thomas Parker born 1705 England who died after 1773 Herford County, North Carolina. A Parker family Genealogy website believes he founded the Parker family of Northampton Co, NC. Can someone help me understand figure out this puzzle of Thomas Parkers and Peter Parkers and their spouses? I use land records, tax lists, wills, maps, the works in my research.

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  • Hi Rebecca,

    Since I have cut back on my researching, I am going to post a long report from my file on Peter Parker family (part of the Parker DNA Project #1) see below.
    Please note: Since I am a member of FG#7 I am posting this information for researchers to use as a guideline for their own research on FG#!, I research this family in an effort to separate the different Parker DNA groups living in VA and NC.

    You ask “Who is Peter Giles Parker?” In all the research that I and many other Parker researcher have done over the years, no where in the records have I ever seen this Peter Parker listed with any middle name. So in my opinion someone just made it up out of thin air and that person had done an uncalled for damage to our Parker research effort !!!!!

    Wayne N. Parker Co-Admin for the Parker DNA Project and Co-Mod for PH

    NOTE: I am not able to post my BIG file here. I posted a shorter file on PH Wayne
    • Thank you for clearing Peter Parker up for me. I wondered if Peter Giles Parker was made up. I am unfamiliar with the parkerheritage website and have had to do some poking around. I did find a tree you posted on your first six generations of your Parker family here in America. Is this the file you are referring to? If not, where may I find the correct file? I hope the file can also answer my remaining questions. Thank you for all your hard work and time you've put into researching the Parker families.
      • The file that you need to read was posted today on Parker Heritage Talk the title is "For Rebecca Smith Peter Parker"
        I can send you the bigger file to your personal e-mail address.

        • I'd appreciate the email! Thank you!
          • I sent you the file to your e-mail address. Wayne
            • Wayne, I would love to read you file on Peter Parker Family. I'm trying to track down the decedents of Peter Parker and Grace Copeland. Thanks, Ken Copeland
              • Ken,
                I am part of DNA Family Group #7 and Peter and Grace Copeland Parker are part of DNA Family Group #1. I don't have any information on their decedents, what I do have in information on Peter Parker ancestors. We do have information on y-DNA group #1 just click on groups at the top of the page.
                My G-G-G-Great-grand mother was Ann Copeland the second wife of Jonathan Parker of Granville Co., NC and there is a lot of misinformation on her parents out there there, I have never found any proof of just who her parents were. Wayne
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