Hi thank you for adding me to this group. My name is Bob Howell. I was born in Weiden Germany in 1954 to my mother Rosa Maria Gleissner and an American soldier who I know very little about. All I have ever known is that his Surname was Parker and possibly his first name was William. Had tried to find something out about him decades ago with no luck. As I am getting older I have regained  curiosity about my heritage. As a result, I recently took a DNA test with Ancestry.com and the results linked me to a clan of Parkers that originated in North Carolina and migrated to eastern Kentucky. In particular I believe I am related to a James S. Parker born in Bell County Kentucky on 24 March 1861 ( died 29 Dec 1913) He married Mary G Carr Rains. They had two children Annie Marie Parker ( Mar 1892- Sept 1938) and William Henry Parker ( May 1890- 28 Dec1958). I believe that James S. Parker might be my Great Grandfather and that William Henry Parker might be my Grandfather. Any information anyone might have would be truly appreciated. Especially any Children William Henry Parker might have had. I suspect one of his sons could be my father. Again, thanks for letting me join this group. Also, I am a begiiner in geneaology but if there is anything I can do to help out or contribute to the group, please let me know

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  • I also took the ancestry dna test. (And the other side of my family, Bauer, is from The Black Forest in Germany) My tree is under Ruth Forbes, and my married name is Ruth Smith, but I am not sure how you can find my DNA if we match. What is your name where I can see if we are a DNA match. My Parker's came to California from Texas and prior to that, Tennessee. So Kentucky is not far off the beaten path. And I think before that might have been North Carolina.
    • my tree in Ancestry is listed under Robert Gleissner. I do have a James Smith that is a first or second cousin...sent him a message never got a response. I will look for your tree
      • unable to find you in Ancestry under the name Ruth Forbes
  • brief look at this line using Ancestry.com. Reason Parker fathered Henry Parker b 1824 in NC-James S. Parker, b 83/24/1861, brothers Hiram,b4/7/1853, John b 12/14/1856,Joabb or Job b1857, two daughters. James . m. Mary Katherine Brooks and had two sons, William Henry "Willie" b May 12 1890(WWII Draft card) d12/28/1958 and John Andrew b1893 d 7/1970 and two daughters.
    Wm. Henry had a son Henry b 1/30/1920 d9/6/1974 and one daughter. John Andrew b 1893 had 8 children-Stanley b1924, John Andrew, Jr. " Jack" b1928(son Billy W. b1952), James Marion b12/21/1931, Ronald D. b4/26/1938, Elmer C. b8/28/1948.
    Your yDNA should match all of these men if you are a biological male descendant. yDNA testing with Family Tree DNA is the best way to match for sure but will only be conclusive if a Parker descendent of one of these males has already tested. A Parker Family yDNA Project exists on FTDNA and we have identified 45 different Parker lines but many tests have no matches. I am a member of yDNA Parker Family #7. With so many people adopting the occupational surname Parker the research can get frustrating so the yDNA focuses your research efforts. All the info I have provided came from two Ancestry.com Family Trees online and I have no proof they are accurate. Mike owner/moderator
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