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I am from West Michigan. I believe I am decended from the line of Parkers that lived in Parkersburg, VA during the late 1700's to 1800's.

Most of my research has been through 

My road block is with:

My 4th Great Grandfather - Richard Parker - possibly born in 1785 in Culpeper, VA, d. 1869 in or around Ft. Wayne Indiana 

Richard Parker married Sarah Williams (b.1788-d.1869) in 1808 in Harrison County, Virginia

Their marriage record does not list a father for Richard Parker. Instead, a guardian by the name of Thomas Cottrill (b. 1762 Fayette, PA) as witness.

Sarah Williams lists her father as "Thomas Williams" as witness

Richard & Sarah emigrated from Virginia to Pleasant Twp, Allen, Indiana with their children in or around 1840. Richard purchased 160 acres of land on May 10, 1848

Richard & Sarah's children:

Thomas Parker - 1817-1884 (born in Parkersburg, VA - died in Sand Lake, MI) Thomas is my 3rd Great GF. He emigrated to Michigan in 1864.

Wellington Parker - 1821-1870 (born in Wood County, VA (Probably Parkersburg) - died in Pleasant Twp., Allen County, IN (Ft. Wayne)

Nathaniel Parker - 1823-1902 (born in Parkersburg, VA) - died in Poe, IN

 George W. Parker - 1825-1857 (born in VA - possibly Parkersburg) died in Pleasant Twp, Allen County, IN (Ft. Wayne)


Most users on Ancestry list Richard Parker's parents as Richard Parker and Nancy Rogers. My research cannot confirm this as fact.

I have attached some research notes that were found on Although I cannot confirm all the information is correct, it has been a little helpful.

Today, (7/08/20) I have uploaded my DNA information from AncestryDNA to the FTDNA website. I hope I can identify what Parker DNA group I belong to! 

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me!






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  • Hello Mike! Thank you for responding. After learning that I need a male Parker relative to take a test, I have contacted my father who is more than willing.
    Do you have any suggestions on which DNA testing company we should use?
    • Great news! FamilyTreeDNA in Dallas, Texas does male yDNA testing which our Parker Family Project uses. I matched with a 37 marker test, later updated to 62 markers. I am mailing my first initial Ancestry DNA test this weekend. Searching for a way to break a brick wall in my Parker line after 37 years of research! Mike
      • 37 years?! Wow! I’ve only been researching for about 5 years and I’m already frustrated - haha! I will definitely look into using the FTDNA you mentioned for my fathers test! Good luck to you, btw 🙂
  • Nice introduction! Welcome to Parker Heritage. Do you have a proven male Parker relative who could be yDNA tested at FTDNA? Mike
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