Parkers of Accomack County, VA

I am trying to determine my group.  My dad passed away in 1987, and he had 2 daughters, so no yDNA available. My Parker heritage is as follows:

Gaylord Parker (1917-1987), Born Hayward, CA (my dad); 

Douglas Parker (1888-1939). Born in CA; 

Charles Tully Parker (1852-1930) Born in Accomack Co VA, Died San Leandro, CA; 

Tully Wise Parker (1816-1856), Accomack County, VA; 

Wm. O. Parker (1784-1820) Accomack County, VA; 

John Riley Parker (1745-1799) Accomack Co, VA; 

John Parker IV, (1711-1757) Accomack Co, VA; 

John Parker III (1685-1754) Accomack Co, VA; 

John Parker, II (1662-1721) Accomack Co. VA; 

John Parker, I (1634-1695) Accomack Co. VA; 

George Parker I (1596-1639), Southampton, Hampshire, England; 

John Parker (1550-1612), Southhampton, Hampshire, England; 

George Parker (1520-1581), Southampton, Hampshire, England; 

William Thomas Parker (1500-1527) Southampton, Hampshire, England; 

Ralph Parker (1480-1500) . 


Is anybody out there that can help me?


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  • I have the last 5 names on my tree that you have. Then, a son of George and presumably a brother to your John Parker I named George Parker (1627-1674) who was the first to migrate to Virginia Colony and soon established Poplar Grove Plantation in Accomack. I have had male family members take the autosomal dna test so do not have a proven Y-DNA group. I think it may be group 12.
    Let me know if you have any luck.
  • Just want to say hi. I split off from you at John Parker III
  • Just want to say hi. I split off from you at John Parker III
  • If you have not clicked on groups at the top of the page here on PH and found FG#12 then you need to do that and read the few messages posted there.

    I will also reach out to members of FG#12 of the Family Tree DNA Project to see if they will contact you. I am finding out that a lot of our members of the DNA Project are no longer active.

    This is a link to the public information on the current Parker DNA Project.

    I will let you know when and if I hear back from the members of FG#12.

    Also you check out the information about having your DNA tested using the Family Finder at this link Note: Since my job a Co-Admin of the Parker DNA is a non paid position, I make no money the DNA Project.

    Note: This information below is copied from Dr. Dennis West old Parker y-DNA Project.


    PARKER Family Group 12
        P70 and P81 have matching DNA on the first 12 markers. Though P81 has only a 12 marker test from the Genographic project, an exchange of data has allowed us to determine that these two men share a common ancestor. The oldest ancestor of P70 is John PARKER, born about 1569 in Southhampton England, who married Marie Gerard. P70's line is through George PARKER, grandson of John PARKER and Marie GERRARD. This George PARKER married Florence CADE. The genealogy of P81 had been stuck on Peter PARKER, born 1783 in Maryland or Kentucky, who married Comfort Cottingham.
       P93 matches P70 on 24 of 25 markers, and was added to this group on 19 May 2006. Prior to the DNA test the oldest confirmed ancestor of P93 was John R. PARKER, b 1861 in Missouri and died in St. Louis Mo in 1945. The DNA test supports their hypothesis that the father of John R. PARKER was Edward James PARKER, born 1831 in Worcester Co MD and died 1910-17 in Jefferson Co. MO. The wife of Edward James PARKER was Julia A. McBAIN, 1836-1873. The DNA test links this line to John PARKER born 1569 in Southhampton, England.
       P94 matches P70 on 23 of 25 markers, and was added to this group on 13 May 2006. His paper genealogy also connects to John PARKER, born 1569 in Southhampton England, and his wife Marie GERRARD.  P94 is descended from John PARKER and his wife Amy ANDERSON. This John was a grandson of John PARKER/Marie GERRARD, and brother of George PARKER, ancestor of P70.
       P99 was added to this group on 25 May 2006. He matches P70 on 24 of 25 markers. Prior to the DNA test, his oldest ancestor was Ayres PARKER, born 1755-65, and died after 1827 in Worcester County, Maryland.   Ayres PARKER was married first to Unice ADKINS, and second to Henrietta WIMBROW. The DNA test has linked P99 to this group of descendents of John PARKER of Southhampton England.
       P117 was added to this group on 10 September 2006. He matches P93 on 34 of 37 markers. His paper genealogy links him to the line from John PARKER 1569 of Southhampton, England. His ancestor Joseph Crockett PARKER was born in Accomac, VA in 1800, and married Mary Ann AMBROSE.
        P167 was added to this group on 30 August 2007. His father died when he was an infant, and later fires destroyed any family records that may have existed. He only knows that his father Peter PARKER, was born in Mississippi in 1910.
       To see more information on Family Group 12 and Family Group 5 go to Click on - Search This Site - enter Parker ... or enter a given name and a surname together, example - Jospeh Crockett Parker. The search only takes seconds. When you're finished you will be shown all the file in which that name appears. There is a lot of good cited information on the Parker Family from Southamton and thier ancestors.
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    • I send you Howard Blair e-mail address and I know Howard has a lot of good information.

      • I also sent you a e-mail back on Aug. 23. 2021 with Howard Blair e-mail address and today I learned that Howard never heard from you.
        • I did try to send an email. Will you send me his address again? I may have it wrong.
          • I can do better that that as I have already sent you both an e-mail. Let me know is you receive it.
  • On yDNA, you match a name! John Parker , d 1601 Southampton England! Family #12. Y DNA R-M269 . Test subject 68113. You can contact Wayne N Parker on this site, he moderator here and on the yDNA project.
    Other matches John Parker 1601-1638 England
    John Parker b1780 MD
    Isham Parker b 1815 AL(my home)
    William E Parker b1785 Maryland
    Peter Parker b1783 MD or KY
    John Thurston b 1480 d after 1500 England( ?NPE) did not use Parker as subject
    Ralph Parker 1480-after 1500.
    Wayne might be able to ask these test donors to communicate with you but I am not given that opportunity. Sorry for delay, Delta Delay, Mike
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