I am new to geneology searching. My DNA results are in  the Ancestry database. I have traced my Parker family back as far as Ky.  My GGGrandfather was Nimrod Parker, His son was Hiram Parker. His son was Wiley Soloman Parker (my grand father). I could use any help tracing back from there and I can give info on the family From Scates Mill Ky to present day in Dyer County Tn.  Thanks

Dan O. Parker

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  • I did the Ancestry DNA test will that work?
    • The Ancestry test is useful, what did you learn from the Ancestry test? If you want to prove your paternal yDNA to verify which Parker yDNA Family you belong in, FamilyTree DNA in Texas is the only source to test yDNA. Mike
      • Danny,
        I agree with the advice that Mike gave you about the Family Tree DNA test. https://www.familytreedna.com/ The 37 marker test is on sale for $79.
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  • Danny, Welcome to Parker Heritage! Please post a reply to me with the names of your Parkers, and provide us with dates, spouses, children, places, and any other clues. This will make it possible for our researchers to help you. Consider doing a y DNA test at Family Tree yDNA, a 37 marker test should tell you which of 66 Parker yDNA Families you belong to- I am in Family #7, which makes it easier to collobrate with other researchers of the same line. Parker is an occupational surname so the yDNA test is valuable. Ask us any questions and I value suggestions to improve the site. Mike, owner/moderator.
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