• Wayne, I am on the lap top now and all is working as usual. The comments are right where we designed them to be on the left side. Try again and see if it is there for you this morning. Nice response to Charles Parker about the mixture of the Richard data. A tree has been on for years and everyone one takes it as truth. I remember seeing it many years ago myself. I hope he will do yDNA testing. Have a great Friday. Mike
    • Mike.
      It is working find today, Thanks!!!!
      Charles Parker is going to have his y-DNA tested and from the data in my file it looks like he may be a member of FG#7 but we will await on his results of the DNA test.
      • I submitted my DNA for the test. I am awaiting results. I also downloaded my DNA results.
        • That is good news Charles, now comes the waiting. :) Could you tell us more about the DNA results.
          • 100% European (50% GB, 26% Europe West, 10% Ireland, 5% Scandinavia, 2% Iberian, 2% European Jewish, 2% Italy/Greece, 1% Finland/Northwest Russia, 1% Europe East

            I'm about as "white" as they come. LOL
  • It is there now. I promise the bill is paid!
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