James Willie Parker

If anyone knows of a James Willie Parker from Kentucky or Texas or Ohio please let me know. He is my biological grandfather who had my dad with a woman named Lois Arnold. I'm at a complete dead end and can find no information on him at all. My dad was born in 1957 in Ohio.Also, I received an email a few months ago from someone who thinks my grandfather James Willie Parker is the same James Parker in his family. If you see this please email me again as I lost your original message.My email is Marissa.olevia@gmail.com.Thanks a bunch everyone :)

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  • Hi Marissa,
    You posted this message." Marissa Holt (Parker) April 26, 2015 at 4:55am

    All I know is what I posted under queries. When I looked up my father's birth certificate on Archives.com all it showed was John Willie Parker and that he was born in Kentucky. My father's mother was born in 1930 in Ohio so I'm guessing my grandfather was probably born somewhere around 1920-1935 which is a pretty large time span to work with. I have a 19 year old brother, I'm debating asking him to have his yDNA tested which may answer some questions.
    Thanks for your reply :)"

    My question is? Did you have a y-DNA Match from your brother test if so what group did he match?

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