Mary Polly PARKER b. 1787, Livingston, Kentucky; d. 1851, Greene, Alabama.

John PARKER, b. 1788; d. Unknown

Elizabeth PARKER, b. 1789, Greenville, South Carolina; d. Unknown; m. William BONDS, 16 Aug 1821, Marango, Alabama; b. Abt 1788; d. Unknown.

           Notes for Elizabeth PARKER:

When her mother (Nancy Jones PARKER) died, guardianship of Betsey PARKER was given to John JONES, brother of Nancy Jones PARKER.

Martha PARKER, b. 17 May 1789, Greenville, South Carolina: d. 24 Aug 1841, Greensboro, Alabama m. Larkin STEWART, 1809, Tennessee

Celia PARKER b. 1791, Greenville, South Carolina; d. 1865, Texas; m. Unknown STEWART;  also married Drur SHELTON

Robert PARKER, b. 1800 Livingston, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1860, Bibb, Alabama.

Mathew PARKER, b. 1802, Kentucky;  d. Unknown, Mississippi; m. Lucinda HILL, 5 July 1829, Bibb County, Alabama.

John JONES also served as Mathew's guardian.  They were living in Bibb County, Alabama in 1830.

Jesse PARKER, b. 1803, Kentucky; d. Unknown, Mississippi; m. Nancy SEABERRY, 25 Feb 1829, Bibb County; d. Unknown.

Giles PARKER, b. 14 Aug 1811, Tennessee; d. 5 Oct 1860, Hempstead, Arkansas.

Alfred PARKER, b. 1814, Lincoln County, Tennessee; d. 1890 Leake County, Mississippi;  m. Elizabeth KOMAHAN,  27 Dec 1853, Leake County, Mississippi.

His uncle, John JONES served as his guardian at the time of Nancy Jones PARKER's  death.

Isaac PARKER and Nancy JONES  ten children.      

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