How many things can go wrong????

How many things can go wrong????  Answer a whole bunch and I am still counting. Computer dead, part needed to fix our car no longer available, health problems again, lost note book containing all my passwords. I remember PH and one more. I will be back!!!!!



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  • Sorry to hear Wayne! I have had weeks like that myself. Just send out the message to the universe that everything is running smoothly and as it should be! I came on here to ask you a question, take your time in answering. I was wondering where you are keeping your whole roots web information? I’m not sure if you’ve been able to update it or not, or if you’ve decided on putting all of your family group 7 somewhere else. Anyhow, I was wanting to go take a look again and links I have found either bring me to the index or it’s a bad link. Take your time in answering, I know you have things to work out first. Things will get better, they always do!

    • Liz,
      Roots web will no longer let you update your file and since my file needed updating to correct some mistakes that I had in my file, I took it down. I tried uploading my file to others websites but found that other researchers were able to change my research without my knowledge and of course their information was wrong. At first I tried to correct the file but only to see it get changed again and again!!!!!!!!! So I quit posting anything. Feel free to ask me any questions and either I can post my research on PH or send the files to you by e-mail or both.
      • Wayne,

        Glad to see you on here. I hope the prayers being sent have worked out some of the issues listed above.
        Well that stinks that you can no longer update roots web, after putting all your information in there!
        I know exactly what your talking about with changing things only to see someone has changed it back over and over. I do not add anything to that particular web site (I know which one) anymore either. It is quite annoying. I suppose the intent they had was good, but not if it’s invalid. Makes me have even more distrust of the information than I already did. Thankfully I have copy and pasted information from you from time to time to use as a reference because I trusted your information. 😀 Ok, when I come across a question again I’ll make sure I refer to the information I have copied in my notes from you on this site.
        I know I have questions regarding your reference to kit#’s with ancestor names but I don’t have in front of me. I will write you back. I’m going to gather all my “notes” from you first.
  • I am so glad to hear from you!!! Settle in and rest let you think and everything will become clear. I spent a few days in heart unit in March and it was unsettling but all was finally back to normal after a few days at home. LOVE AND PRAYERS FOR YOU AND YOUR WONDERFUL WIFE!!
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