Direct Descendants of William Parker




1 William Parker 1604 - 1654 b: Abt. 1604 in England Y-DNA: Note: We have y-DNA matches from all three of William Parker grandsons (Richard, Thomas and Francis Parker) as part of FG#7 Parker DNA Project. d: 1654 in Nansemond Co., VA

.. +? m: Abt. 1625 in VA

........ 2 Richard Parker I 1625 - 1681 b: Abt. 1625 in Elizabeth City (or citiie as it was then called) was one of four incorporations established in the Virginia Colony in 1619 by the proprietor, the Virginia Company Y-DNA: P239 FG#7 Parker DNA Project d: Bef. April 23, 1681 in Nansemond Co., VA

............ +?

................... 3 Richard Parker II 1645 - 1698 b: Abt. 1645 in Nansemond Co., VA Y-DNA: FG#7 kit #145926 d: Bet. 1698 - 1704 in Nansemond Co., VA

....................... +?

.............................. 4 Richard Parker III 1676 - 1750 b: Abt. 1676 in Nansemond Co., VA Y-DNA: April 06, 2009 FG#7 kit #145926 d: 1750 in Chowan Co., NC

.................................. +Elizabeth (King) - 1728 m: Abt. 1697 d: Bet. 1728 - 1729 in Nansemond Co., VA/Chowan Co., NC

......................................... 5 Daniel Parker 1700 - 1780 b: Abt. 1700 in Nansemond Co., VA Y-DNA: Kit # 480307, Kit # 82412 FG#7 d: Bet. November 1780 - May 1781 in Gates Co., NC



Daniel Parker will.



From Following the Land by Raymond Parker Fouts page 24.

Daniel Parker made his will in Gates Co., NC 30 November 1780, and it was probated in May Court, 1781 names wife Mary. grandson Daniel son of Luke. sons Demsey, Isaac and Robert. daughters Sarah Horton, Ruth Riddick, Judah Griffin and Mary Chitrel.




Gates County NcArchives Wills.....Parker, Daniel 1781


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Written: 1781




Daniel Parker, Sarah, Dempsey, Isaac, Robert


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Supplement to Grimes' Abstracts of NC Wills

Prepared by Fred A. Olds, 1925


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PROBATE RECORDS: Gates County, North Carolina WSills 1779-1807, SLFHL Book #975.6153 P2a

Will of Daniel Parker, written 30 Nov 1780, probated May 1781; mentions the following people: wife: Mary Parker; Sons: Dempsey Parker, Isaac Parker, Robert Parker & Luke Parker; daughters: Sarah Horton, Ruth Riddick, Judah Griffin & Mary Chitrel; grandsons: Daniel Parker son of Luke Parker & William Griffin son of daughter Judah Griffin, Willis & Benjamin Chitrel sons of daughter Mary Chitrel; executors: sons: Dempsey, Issac & Robert Parker; witnesses: Elisha Parker, Thomas Fryer, Peter Parker & Jacob Sumner

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  • Wayne the St Helena, and St Tammany Parish of Louisiana list Jesse Parker, Benjamin Parker, William Parker, Robert Parker, Isaac Parker who married Mary Nolen, YDNA #7, William Nolen who is related to Mary Nolen, and Benjamin Anderson who married Eurydice Parker. This is a work in progress. Also of note some people have Robert Parker marrying Priscilla Riddick. The Parker YDNA #7 did have some connecrtions to Riddicks but need further proof that the Robert Parker in South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, and possibly Mississippi is our man and that he could have married a Riddick, but who was his wife. Our Robert did not die in North Carolina, that Robert never left North Carolina.
    • Steven, the Robert Parker that may have married Priscilla Riddick is the son of Richard Parker III. The Robert Parker that I am talking about is the son of Daniel Parker who is the son of Richard Parker III. So the Robert Parker the father of Jesse,Benjamin.William and Eurydice Parker is son of Robert Parker, the grandson of Daniel Parker and the great-grandson of Richard Parker III.
      • Wayne, looked at the Robert Parker deeds in Franklin County, Georgia and there are 3 dates in one of the records and 2 dates in the other I believe. Date the record made 1796, date it was sworn by someone 1797, date it was recorded 1797. The other record has 1799 made and 1800 either sworn and recorded or both. There are 2 records in 1796 with Robert Parker as a witness to the first record and a participant in the second record, both made 26th of June 1796. Isaac Parker shows up 1799 and 1800 Kentucky one in Skin Frame, Livingston County, Kentucky. The other Christian County, Kentucky, probably same person.
        • Steven,
          Yes I do believe after all the years we have the correct information that connects Robert Parker to his sons and daughter plus his brothers and then to their father (another) Robert Parker and his father Daniel Parker and his father Richard Parker III who died about 1749-1750.
      • History of Caldwell County, Kentucky I believe formed in 1807. Christian County, Kentucky parent county of Livingston County, and Livingston County, Kentucky parent county of Caldwell County, Kentucky. Robert Parker of Franklin County, Georgia had a deed with Joseph Box of Franklin County, Georgia. There is a Joseph Box in Christian County, Kentucky probably the same person in Franklin County, Georgia. There is an Isaac Parker in Christian County, Kentucky in a different year from Isaac Parker in Water Course Land Skin Frame, Livingston County, Kentucky. Probably the same Isaac Parker. The Skin Frame Parkers are Robert, Benjamin, William, Isaac and Jesse Parker. I think Abraham Anderson and Joseph Box are also Skin Frame. Isaac Parker is listed earlier in Livingston County, Kentucky than the other PARKERS. There are many Parkers in Christian, Livingston, and Caldwell County, Kentucky. Charity Parker Jones sent her son Tignal Jones to Franklin County, Georgia to see about her brother either James or William Parker Probate, Will Record. Charity Parker married Arthur Jones. Charity Parker father Simon Parker, Simon Parker father Francis Parker, and some people have Francis Parker father as Thomas Parker. Simon Parker may be YDNA7 as well but do not know. There is a great amount of information about William or James Parker Estate, many of his brothers and sisters listed and where these people lived as the probate was divided. I think there are Box in the Nansemond, Virginia and Gates, North Carolina area. All for now, getting much closer. Thank you everyone for all your great research. More later.
        • In my tree, I have Robert Box, b. 3 Nov 1691, Warrosquoke, Isle of Wright, VA. d. 1735, Laurens, SC. His line eventually came thru GA and to St. Clair County, AL when it encompassed a large share of Northeast Alabama. I have additional relatives if helpful. Mike
          • Mike,
            Yes I would like to have some more information about Robert Box. I only have the information below in my file.
            Generation No. 1

            1. ROBERT1 BOX was born 1691 in Warrosquyoake, Isle of Wight, VA, and died 1735 in Laurens Co., SC. He married MARY ALLEN 1709. She was born Bet. 1691 - 1693, and died 1734 in Laurens Co., SC.

            More About ROBERT BOX:
            Burial: Warrosquyoake, Isle of Wight, VA

            More About ROBERT BOX and MARY ALLEN:
            Marriage: 1709
            • Will have more but may be weekend prior to posting. Mike
              • OK Mike.
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