Hi, I'm new here... 

I inherited my grandfather Judson Richard Parker's genealogy work that he constructed before he died in June 1980, and I am trying to confirm lineage, as well as reconstruct the entire body of work for accuracy... he did each family member for his and my grandmother's ancestry as far back as he could go, so it's a huge undertaking. His work was done pre readily available DNA testing, and I have just sent off for my first DNA test, so I do not have results yet.

I am finding lots of conflicting info & dates in the books I have vs. what I'm discovering online... as I'm sure many of you doing the same thing have encountered.

My records show that we are descended from James & Katherine Buller Parker's 9th child, Richard, who emigrated to the Colony of Virginia, arriving in Nasemond County in 1647 where he married Elizabeth Bailey.

I'm in search of any other descendent of Richard Parker/Elizabeth Bailey who may be willing to correspond and help me fill in some details and dates. I have a pretty good outline of the tree, but I do want to confirm as there were at least 3 Richard Parkers in VA/NC around the same time.

If it helps, my great grandfather was (9) James Franklin Parker 1874-1943 and great great was (8) Richard Micajah C. Parker 1831-1907. Previous as I have in my records are as follows:

(7) Abram (Abraham) W. Parker MD Mary Speight or Cross?

(6) John Parker MD. Clarka Eure

(5) William Parker MD. Elizabeth Wallis

(4) Richard Parker MD. Mary Benton

(3) Richard Parker MD Elizabeth King 2nd wife a Miss Swann

(2) Richard Parker MD. a Miss Pender

(1) Richard Parker MD. Elizabeth Bailey

I've left out the dates as I do not know how accurate they are, so I'm relying on name recognition.

Also, I should probably add that my grandfather Judson was just about the most meticulous perfectionist I have ever know, so I feel fairly certain that he doggegly pursued this endeavor, and chased down every lead and detail he was able. He and my grandmother even made a trip to England in the 70s, where he supposedly began a correspndence with a distant cousin. 

I am just geting started, so I have not read all of the letters and other documents that are amongst the papers I have. The handwriting is excruciating to read, even though I am prety darned goos at deciphering longhand, LOL.

Anyway, if anyone out there in internet land can assist me, I heartily give many thanks in advance.

Cheers, Judy Hilton Gex

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  • Hi Judy,
    I am hopping that by now you have read a lot of the posts on PH about the Parker families of early VA but just in case you have any questions I am posting a very very short review of your Parker. (1) DR. Richard Parker is not the Richard Parker of Nansemond Co., VA (2) While it is true that Richard Parker III of VA/NC did have a son named Richard Parker and according to this Richard Parker will he never married (3) Your Parker family may belong to FG#1 ???????
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