1600s New Haven Colony

Which family group claims them?
I am yDNA PG5. Recent additional autosomal dna test link me to Parker associated families of early 1600s New Haven Colony.
1James Parker b.1697 m.Trowbridge(Beardsley), son 2James b.1729 m.Gillett(Bryan), their son 3Jeremiah b.1758 m.Treat. 2John m.Thorp. Their known associated families: Lamberton, Wheeler, Gilbert, Kelsey, Mallory and Platt possibly Malby.

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  • I have researched some of the New Haven Colony Parkers whose descendants settled in Ohio. This group traces to John Parker 1648 New Haven to 1711. M to Hannah BASSETT). Eliphalet Parker (1685-1755). His son John Benjamin Parker married Caroline Jane Dougherty (1733-1817). My notes for Eliphalet said Parker DNA group 29. I’ll run down the source.
    • Ok. Found it: “ PARKER Family Group 29

      P162 and P269 had their Y-DNA test at different laboratories, giving us 31 markers for comparison. They match on 29 of 31 markers, giving us confidence that they descend from the same PARKER ancestor, and verifying that their paper genealogy is correct. This match has allowed P162 to add two generations to his genealogy, confirming that he descends from Eliphalet Parker, born 1687 in Connecticut and died there in 1758. Eliphalet married Hannah BEACH, who was born 1683/84 and died in 1749. Prior to the DNA test he had confirmed Ichabod PARKER, 1748 -1826 as his oldest PARKER ancestor. P269 descends from John PARKER, born 1648, perhaps in Hartford, Connecticut, and died in Wallingford Connecticut in 1711. John married Hannah BASSETT.
      P287 was added to this group in February 2010. There is a known surname change in his line due to an adoption.”
      Not sure if this is the same New Haven family you are tracking but seems likely. https://web.archive.org/web/20200220205353/http://web.utk.edu/~corn...
      PARKER DNA project results page
      • My recollection is that Robert Parker was the PG5 connection to New Haven.
      • I'll need to ask James David Parker. I spoke with him last week and he told me he had engaged a professional researcher to move things along a little bit. He reiterated that there are PG5 in Connecticut but I'm not clear on which families.

        I should comment that there are so many Parkers its hard to keep them straight. The PG5 group was also in Ohio. However, it seems unlikely that Cap. Jonathan Parker specifically was a brother of our James as indicated in the Rhoads history. That doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't a relation.

        I really encourage you to write to James Parker and ask him what he has.
  • Stacy read through the Rhoads history, causing us to dig background on what F. Brownlee had to say on the subject. The Rhoads are in-laws to us, but the letters at the back of her booklet are priceless anyway. What I've really been searching for is anyone mentioning DNA tests for descendants of Captain Jonathan Parker, FindAGrave #52130295. No luck.

    However, I read somewhere that you said Elder John had a connection to Barnstable, Mass. according to DNA. Could you expand on that? I'll repeat what I just posted to the Connecticut query to make the connection clear. I apologize for the redundancy.

    F. Brownlee published "Antecedents and descendants of Margaret Ann Rhoades Smith" in 1957 in which she states that James, husband of Anna Doty, was brother to Captain Jonathan Parker. This Jonathan was from Willington, Connecticut, son of Nehemiah and Betsey Parker. To confirm this they are all listed in the Willington Church records.

    According to research by others on Ancestry, Nehemiah was also from Barnstable, Mass. What was the DNA connection to Barnstable?
    • This is the quote I'm asking about:

      Query: Abraham Parker and Capt. James Parker
      James David Parker January 22, 2014 at 11:54am
      ... stuff removed ...
      Crawford James is group 5 with Elder John genetic match Robert Parker of 1630s Barnstable, MA
      • According to old Parker yDNA Family Group FIVE genetics, Stacy and Elder John match descendants of Parkers of early Scituate and by 1639 Barnstable,MA. \
        • Then Captain Jonathan Parker is likely #5, and it is plausible that Nehemiah was also the father of James.
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